What factors influence rank for video on Google Search Results?

Google’s Matt Cutts received a question in the Webmasters Video channel that what are the factors influence ranks for videos on Google Search Results? Matt tackled has to do with videos ranking for universal search on Google.

Matt Cutts answers this question by giving the suggestions that it could be:

•    Higher Page Ranks
•    Links from reputed sites
•    And pretty much all the factors that goes into deciding a normal web search result

Matt means that without knowing the specifics, his first guess is that the ranking video may be received links from reputed sites; therefore it has more page rank. Matt said they still do not look at links and they still do look at page rank whenever they are trying to rank things. Therefore, if this one happened to get written up in a very sort of reputable location then this one has more page rank that is why it outranks it.

Matt says that it is strange as if the other video is getting the comments, the high views and ratings then it must be getting some good word of mouth from somewhere. But it is just not getting the links from reputed sites that the other one is.

According to Matt, the factors that influence a video universal result are similar to factors that influence web search. It means things like how good Google thinks a particular result will match in terms of topicality and the reputation of a page are taken into account. In that “Links” can play very important role.

So, these all are factors that influences a video universal result in Google.