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Barracuda Email Security Gateway Solutions

i2k2 Networks, a leading name in cloud application management and delivery, provides cutting-edge Barracuda email security gateway and cloud security solutions. No matter whether your business applications are hosted on Office 365, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, Barracuda’s Next Gen Network and Application Firewalls secure on-premise, private, and public cloud infrastructure at reasonable price points. More than 150,000 businesses rely on Barracuda to protect sensitive business data. i2k2 Networks has a dedicated team of IT professionals with hands-on Barracuda experience to help eliminate complex IT security threats, including Ransomware, APTs, and phishing attacks. Integrating Barracuda into your cloud infrastructure also lets you regulate application usage and prioritize network traffic through end-to-end protection and recovery.

Why Choose Barracuda?

Protect Business Data

Backup and recovery solutions need not necessarily come at huge price points. With Barracuda, your backup and recovery go on autopilot mode and are protected from cyber criminals, natural disasters, and hardware failures. Barracuda is exclusively designed for cloud-based platforms and gives administrators the flexibility to backup data, irrespective of the location. It is a true“Set and forgets” solution.

Barracuda Cloud - Encrypted Data
Email Security

It goes without saying that a lot of confidential company information is contained in its emails. The ArchiveOne feature gives you total control on email communication, making it easier to comply with email policies and find important data, as and when required. Benefits include short data backup times, seamless PST management, and zero impact on email performance.

Barracuda Cloud Security
Website Vulnerability Scans, At No Extra Cost

Barracuda offers comprehensive protection from the prying eyes of cyber attackers, whether the attacks are automated or targeted. After deploying the web application firewall, your network and systems are secure to the highest level, and administrators need not worry about cleaning the code again.

Barracuda PRM Diagrams
Why i2k2?

If you wish to secure your cloud platform and applications, Barracuda is a safe choice. If you wish to learn more about Barracuda deployment, i2k2 Networks can help. Our experts possess vast experience in deploying and managing an array of cutting-edge enterprise solutions, including Barracuda.

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