G Suite Business Email

G Suite Business Email – All-in-One Solutions for Enterprises

An everyday productivity suite for your business to help you manage your work seamlessly from any internet-enabled device. G Suite by Google Cloud is a highly collaborative yet easily accessible tool that drives any business irrespective of its enterprise size. You can customize your business emails, calendar, mobile emails and IM access using G Suite.

Features of G Suite Email Solutions – Business Benefits

With 99.95% guaranteed uptime and 24x7x365 email and phone support, G Suite setup is available for small enterprises, educational, government and non-profit organizations.

Better Security

G Suite understands the significance of your data. It ensures the safety of your data by keeping a data backup and providing a recovery option required anytime.

Environmental Friendly

With the motto of go green, helps the environment by reducing the expenses of papers and their adversities on the environment when not recycled properly.

Remotely Manageable

G Suite enables the users to access emails, calendars, and documents distantly from Internet-enabled devices with an objective to save their work on the cloud.

Easy sharing

Making the invoices and budget reports easily accessible and shareable among employees with just a few clicks. Calendar alerts for company meetings, employee’s birthday and other prominent events so that nothing goes missing.


G Suite allows everyone to work together, be it partners or clients, by facilitating the provision to create and edit online documents, spreadsheets, presentation, and files.


To help your organization grow, G Suite offers customized web address for your company and customized emails for your employees.

G Suite Editions for All Kinds of Business

Google offers various G Suite editions, such as G Suite for Teams, G Suite – Basic & Business, and G Suite Enterprises where every edition has its own administrative capabilities.

  • G Suite for Teams: This edition allows the user to use the core collaborative capabilities of G Suite along with an already deployed email and calendar solution.
  • G Suite – Basic & Business: The basic and business editions are available with slight variations in their cost models, storage, and compliances.
  • G Suite Enterprises: As the name suggests, the Enterprise edition is for larger organizations with unlimited storage and includes advanced functionalities such as enterprise-grade meetings, security key management, and data loss protection.

Why choose i2k2 for G Suite?

i2k2 Networks is a registered partner of G Suite and helps enterprises to configure and manage their day-to-day business activities through G Suite applications. With an unmatched support for data security, software update, file documentation and numerous clerical works, i2k2 Networks promise to deliver best-in-class services round-the-clock.

  • Guaranteed on budget and on time project deliverables
  • Offer advance administrative and data control
  • Fully comprehensive 24x7x365 Live technical support
  • Easy data migration
  • Storage management
  • Extended support from the team of tailored G Suite certified professional

Explore the possibilities of G Suite that helps grow your business and boosts your productivity across the globe! Connect with our G Suite expert at +91-120-466-3031 | +91-971-177-4040 and help us know your requirements better.

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