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Secured Private File Sharing & Enterprise DRM

i2k2 Networks provides cutting-edge enterprise file sync and share, cloud data backup and recovery solutions by leveraging the power of Vaultize. Vaultize is an indispensable enterprise file security platform that protects and secures corporate files on the go, allowing your employees to access, edit, share, annotate, and control data from anywhere and using any device. Vaultize also provides disaster recovery, folder synchronization, and collaboration to ensure you are in complete control of your data. Pre-equipped with patented encryption, digital rights management (DRM), and extensive auditing capabilities; Vaultize provides three-way data redundancy and a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Vaultize takes away the need to worry about cumbersome file-sharing methods such as FTP, DVD, USB or email attachments.

Vaultize File sharing

Why Deploy Vaultize for Your Business?

Universal Access

Access files on the go, from any corner of the world without sacrificing visibility and control of device, location, time or people. Vaultize provides you complete access to security controls, both on the user and administrator level.

Ubiquitous Tracking

Track files based on location, device or user in real-time. Carry out a comprehensive audit trail of the file movement, irrespective of the device used to access the data. Get full-control on sensitive business data, and remove or shut down access to the files with a simple tap of a button.

Unmatched Data Protection

Vaultize leverages AES 256 bit encryption at the source, and de-duplication (Vault KNOX) making it one of the most secure systems in the World. Through endpoint encryption, sensitive corporate information gets protected throughout the data lifecycle and prevents unauthorized access and data leakage from lost and stolen devices.

No VPN Required

Using technologies such as deduplication, compression, and WAN optimizations, Vaultize helps your business to save bandwidth as 90 percent of data storage and backup is possible with a limited bandwidth. As your business sends fewer data over the wire, the productivity and network efficiency get a boost. A win-win situation if your business relies on laptops and roaming business users.

Save Bandwidth

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services deliver comprehensive IT-based solutions to both private and enterprise clients. Organizations and businesses also have the option to create hybrid clouds by integrating their public cloud services with private clouds.

Why i2k2?

For secure file transfers, your business needs something more than firewalls and network security measures. Vaultize is an easily deployable solution, no matter whether you choose a public or private cloud. At i2k2, our industry experts and IT architects can help you deploy Vaultize and realize the potential of a unique, cloud backup and recovery solution.

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