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A cloud computing model that includes a distinct and secure cloud-based environment for a specific client to operate is referred to as the Private cloud. The cloud is accessible only by a single organization under the private cloud model that is why the organization has greater control and privacy over their data.

Private Cloud Solutions

Private cloud solutions has similar advantages to that of the Public Cloud. The hosting has a distinct and secure cloud-based environment operated by only the specific client. i2k2 owns data centers in India and Canada to cater to storage, processing, management, networking and data distribution needs of large and small enterprises. Our clients can have direct control over their stored data without any compromise done with the service delivery standards.

Our dedicated Private Cloud servers efficiently manage the high traffic websites and large enterprises. We offer private cloud hosting experience with an unparalleled configuration, installation, scalability, customization, flexibility and comprehensive round-the-clock technical support.

Business Aspects of Private Cloud Hosting by i2k2 Networks

Direct Control icon

Direct Control

Complete tracking and monitoring of the system resources along with a consolidated view of the IT infra.

Cost Energy icon

Cost and Energy

Based on the pay-as-you-go cloud computing model to access the resources as per requirement, avoiding any waste of capacity.

Enhanced Reliability icon

Efficient Enhanced Reliability

Ensure business continuity through backup and DR options with end-to-end managed services with private cloud services.

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Highly Secure and Private

Aligned completely with industry data security norms, SSL adherence, and data governance policies to offer a secure hosting environment.

Why choose i2k2 Networks Private Cloud Hosting Services?

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Customer-centric approach and ethical practices
  • Complete control over data and security programs
  • A comprehensive 24x7x365 technical support
  • No Bandwidth Limitation
  • Low-Cost Bandwidth and SQL Storage
  • Fully managed services

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