TIPS to get GOOGLE to CRAWL your Website FASTER

Thank God! I was trying to find the solution since 15 days that what should I do so that Google to crawl my site fast and guess what? I got the result when just after posting the blog, I typed the URL of this blog in Google. It was amazing to see that Google crawled it in only 1 minute. I know there are so many people like me want their blogs/websites to crawl faster by Google.

Therefore, here are some tips that I am using and sharing with you that how fast Google crawling my post.

•    Turn on Pingback as well as Trackback option ON for your blog.
•    When you write any new article/ post then just try to have relevant link with proper Anchor text to your older article/post which are already indexed or crawled in Google.
•    Pingback and Trackback supports Google crawler to set new links and from your new post, by adding Pingback you are directing Googlebot to crawl your newer post.
•    To set Google Crawling Rate, apart for this Google webmaster also has option.

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Susan Moskwa says that the Internet is a big place where new content is being created every time. He also says that Google has a number of resources, so when faced with infinite quantity of content which is available online, Googlebot finds and crawls a percentage of that content. Then, of the content they have crawled, they are only able to index a portion.

URLs behave like the bridges between a search engine’s crawler and your website. Crawlers should find and cross those bridges to get to your site’s content. If your URLs are redundant/ complicated, crawlers spend time by tracing and retracing their steps. If your URLs are organized and lead directly to different content, crawlers can spend time by accessing your content in place of crawling through empty pages or crawling the same content over and over with different URLs.

I hope these tips will definitely help you out.