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Use Cases - Hybrid Cloud for Enterprises

As i2k2 Networks is remarkably one of the leading cloud services providers, be it private, public or hybrid, the increased flexibility and scalability with enhanced data security speaks for all the best-in-class services. The hybrid cloud offering from i2k2 Networks has helped organizations to significantly increase their business productivity and reduce their IT cost.

We have been able to successfully manage, deploy and connect a private, on-premise virtualized environment to a public cloud or vice-versa for organizations that required a combination of both the platforms for viable solutions.

Type of Hybrid Cloud Computing Use Cases performed by i2k2

Depending upon the specific requirement of our esteemed clients, i2k2 evaluates the following types of hybrid cloud use cases:

Case 1 – Cloudbursting

The term cloudburst depicts a situation where unmanaged workloads are introduced over different cloud environment to meet capacity demands. Usually, this situation is temporary and occurs due to some seasonal traffic or in peak hours, such as holiday shopping seasons, sale hours, which requires specific application to be driven for a short time and later the traffic drop off to normal levels.

Working of Cloud Bursting

One of our esteemed clients noted that maintaining extra resources for this time span becomes extremely costly for the organization. i2k2 came for their rescue and by using API migration methodologies our experts migrated their DB on AWS Cloud, keeping their application on i2k2 in-house servers. We as a service provider kept this additional capacity ready and later intelligently dispersed as per the need.

Case 2 – High Availability & Disaster Recovery

The hybrid cloud solution offering from i2k2 Networks has promoted high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions to various enterprises who cannot bear the expense of geo-redundant setup for a private cloud. In a warm DR scenario, we have supported various enterprises where they have kept their production environment in our private cloud and their recovery environments in a public cloud, such as AWS, and helped both the platforms to spin up accordingly. Now, the organization is allowed to replicate the data across the public cloud, whereas keeping all its resources non-operational until required. In the occurrence of catastrophic events, the administrators start the application in the public cloud as the data is already available there. This helps in saving a huge amount of money and avails the applications with great recovery bandwidth when disaster strikes.

Case 3 – Untested Workloads

With the advent of technologies, there are various enterprise applications evolving these days. Many start-ups are skeptical about launching the applications over their private clouds and doubt the success of these applications before releasing them into the market. i2k2 Networks offer hybrid cloud solutions to such businesses who can launch their untested applications and save a lot of capital expenditures. Once the organizations gain a seamless workload pattern, it may consider launching the application to a private cloud environment.

Case 4 – Smart DNS Management
Smart DNS Management working

In a hybrid cloud environment, various enterprises require multi-account compatibility that can provide connectivity between cloud and on-premises workloads. The demand can be fulfilled using Domain Name Service (DNS) that offers name resolution across all the connected environment. i2k2 Networks has the most common solution to this problem where a local DNS has been implemented in each account and has used conditional forwarders for DNS resolutions outside of the scope of the specified account. This approach is more feasible for single-account environments as compared to the multi-account environments. For organizations with multi-account environments, we have created multiple instances of Amazon Route53 associations and deployed the setup on i2k2’s private cloud. This has reduced the number of DNS servers and forwarders and thus resulted in the reduced cost of IT.

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