4 Major Points to Remember When Migrating to Cloud

4 Major Points to Remember When Migrating to Cloud

Today, business data is very dynamic, making it important for organizations to update their data processing infrastructure according to the current demands of data computing. A large number of businesses are adopting cloud computing services such as AWS for their data processing and data warehousing requirements, which requires migrating from on-premise data servers to cloud infrastructure. AWS cloud services offer scalable and cost effective options for businesses. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we discuss major points to remember when migrating to cloud computing. Read on.

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1. Not Every App should be Transferred to Cloud

When formulating your strategy to migrate data and applications to the cloud, it is important to understand that not every application may need to be migrated to the cloud. Some applications have a complex structure and codes that might not be able to adapt to the cloud environment smoothly. When such apps are migrated to cloud, it directly impacts local data availability. Maintaining and troubleshooting such apps is convenient when the data is stored locally. It is recommended to avoid migration of such apps to the cloud.

2. Data Migration should be done By Experts

Data migration is a complicated task and requires a great deal of knowledge of the cloud environment along with a carefully designed migration strategy to execute the migration process without impacting workflow. Migrating data to the cloud transforms the entire paradigm of the functioning of a business. It is, therefore, important to choose a AWS migration service provider that has ample experience working on data migration. An experienced service provider such as i2k2 Networks not only ensures smooth data migration but also provides basic training to your staff regarding the changes induced by migration to the cloud.

3. It Takes Time to Migrate Data Efficiently

AWS data migration takes time. It is possible that during the migration period, a business might not function properly for a brief duration but this does not mean that you have to rush the process. Unnecessarily rushing the migration process may impact the quality of your data. Also, extremely slow migration consumes valuable time for the company. It is, therefore, important to find a balance between the two and attain a moderate speed of migration. This is where the efficiency and expertise of your AWS database migration service provider will matter the most.

4. You Cannot Compromise on Security Compliance

Although you get the highest possible level of security protocol when you migrate to AWS cloud, it is still advisable to evaluate your security risks. During the migration process, your data is vulnerable to security breaches. Discuss with your service provider about the proper security measures to be taken before initializing the migration process to ensure security before, during and after the migration.

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The Final Word

Migrating to cloud can enhance your business efficiency while cutting down on data warehousing costs. To get the most out of AWS cloud services, it is important to ensure that the data migration process is done efficiently. i2k2 Networks has a team of experienced professionals that understands the requirements for seamless cloud migration and helps clients get the most out of AWS cloud. To learn more about AWS data migration services, talk to our seasoned experts at +91-120-466-3031| +91-971-177-4040 or write to us sales@i2k2.com.