Busting 4 Common Myths About Cloud Migration

Busting 4 Common Myths About Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept. Some businesses are still reluctant to migrate from traditional data warehousing to cloud services. Myths around the technology in some quarters are some of the reasons why some still have misgivings about the technology. This blog sets apart fact from fiction as we bust 5 common myths about cloud migration.

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Myth: Cloud Computing is not Safe

Fact: This is one of the most stubborn myths regarding cloud services. When you decide to migrate your data to a cloud service, you must understand that the cloud service providers take data security seriously. If they neglect this, they will have no business. Cloud computing may provide you even better security than your in-house solution. A reputable cloud service provider such as AWS will ensure that data is encrypted both during storage and transfer. Only customers have access to encryption keys.

Myth: Cloud Migration is Quick and Easy

Fact: Transitioning to the cloud is neither easy and nor quick. AWS cloud migration without making a cloud strategy is risky and not at all recommended. Cloud migration is a complex process that needs a significant amount of time to complete. For an efficient transition, it is important to build a cloud-ready foundation in advance which takes a lot of time. Additionally, due to its complexity, you will need AWS cloud migration services and understand the process deeply. There is a requirement of guiding principles, technological architecture, and organizational changes that make transitioning to cloud efficient.

Myth: Cloud Migration is Difficult to Audit

Fact: One of the most pervasive misconceptions is that it is difficult to audit cloud service as compared to physical servers. Physical servers can be seized and tagged during audits. But when done with proper tools, it is easier to conduct audits of cloud-based data that are much efficient.

Myth: Cloud Migration Kills IT Jobs

Fact: When a business transitions from a traditional server to AWS database services, it does not mean that the IT administrator loses their job. In most cases, it transforms the role of administrator into a technical solution provider and advisor. While cloud services like AWS web hosting provide data center security and manage the network, businesses still need someone to administer their logical approach.

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