Types and Importance of Meta tags

Meta tags are described as hidden, short, HTML codes used in the web pages. They define the important keywords of the website, the title of the page and they also give its description to the search engines. It is not easy for you to understand their importance and to compose them properly to acquire the finest search engine ranking. They are targeted for the search engines and are invisible to the visitor. Therefore, the webmasters try to violate the white hat techniques and also manipulate this tool through spamming of keywords.

Types of Meta Tags

Mostly Search engines give importance to Meta tags and they consider them to be the determining factor for ranking a website. There are various types of Meta tags and the most important ones are:

Title tags: At the top of a window of a web page and also in the search engine listing result, they are visible. A good and relevant title tag can motivate the viewers to click on the link and go through the website. Therefore, you should construct an attractive title tag that can interests the readers and motivate them to visit your website.

Meta Keywords: They are some special keywords that provide extra information to the crawlers and spiders of a search engine. Relevant keywords find the right people for your site and generate quality traffic to your site. Proper density of the keywords with appropriate content should be maintained together to increase the visibility of your site.

Meta Description: They are used to briefly describe your website to the viewers and influence the search engines.

So, Meta tags together with any other acceptable technique increases the chance of attaining a higher ranking with the search engines.