Spx India,Working for Main Contractor & Subcontractor

The industrial Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (Spx) India is a leading organization for Main contractors and Subcontractor. Spx India works like a bridge between buyers and suppliers. The aim of Spx India is to optimizing the capacities and capabilities of the enterprises. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), launches a special program know as Spx India for technical information and promotion mechanisms for industrial subcontracting between subcontractor and main contractor. Spx India’s network has more than 30 countries worldwide. Spx give its services on the following industrial sectors: electrical & electronics industries, machinery, metal & nonmetal-working industries, plastic & rubber industries, textile industries, chemical industries. The main objective of Spx India is to finding the competent subcontractors of large enterprises to complete the machinery parts and equipment that help the big organization to lower cost of production an give the opportunity to the subcontractors to work for international main contractors