How you can improve your Search Engine Ranking?

To achieve good rankings, the best way is to research keyword phrases related to your website or the appropriate keywords before starting to build your site.

If you want to improve Search engine ranking, then follow me through ten points given below:

1)    To research your keywords, use the Overture suggestion tool. These tools will help you to know that how many times a particular keyword was searched for each and every month.

2)    Related to your business, select two or three of your most important keywords and use them 3-7 times for every 100 words in your content.

3)    Your site should include the best keywords. Best keywords are those keywords on which the numbers of searches are high when using the tool above but have a low number of competing websites.

4)    Use a keyword density analyzer to check the keyword density of your web pages. This will help you to know if you have used too many or too few words in your site.

5)    Try to incorporate these keywords or keyword phrases in your title, keyword meta tag, description meta tag, alt tags means the words which describe your images comment tags, heading tags as well as main text of your website.

6)    Write the content on your site so that it not only satisfies the search engines but also attract website visitors to read. And repeat your keyword phrase or combinations of them every few sentences.

7)    Search engines will spider the heading tags in your web site first (H1, H2, H3) as these stand out from your main text.

8)    Write at least 250 words or more for each of your web pages as Search engines will spider the text near the top of the page, rather than at the bottom.

9)    Avoid using unwanted words or irrelevant content for your site. It will only frustrate your visitors who are searching for relevant content and will not improve your search engine ranking.

10)    Divide your paragraphs into 2 or 3 sentences or make use of bullets to avoid making your text hard to read.

11)    Know that some not all search engines only place significance on keywords in your title, meta tags and web copy. Google who is the most important search engine places the most importance on keywords in your web page text.

I hope you like my ways. Thanks!!