Google thinks what you think!!

If you think that you can cheat Google by making your site beautiful with lots of images, good content and good design and by keeping in mind about the keyword density then you are absolutely wrong. Now, Google works like a human being works. It analyzes a lot of things about your web site to give the search engine result.

What are the things that Google thinks about?

•    If your website is good with relevant keyword then Google gives it high priority. But still if visitors do not gives enough time to your website then Google will remove your site slowly- slowly from top ten list of that particular keyword.

•    And if Google is giving low priority to your website and still visitors is spending a lot of time on your website and they are happy with the content then Google will raise your site slowly- slowly to the top for that particular keyword. It means Google analyzes the visitor’s time also that how much they are spending their time on the site.

•    Google crawl up the page from top to bottom then right and then left. It crawls up header first, then Right Navigation Bar, then body of top 250-500 characters and at last footer. So, you just try to concentrate on your first paragraph. You should keep the keyword density in mind while you are writing.

•    You should not use the image of total width of the header. Use logo on one side and keyword oriented text on the other side of header.

So, what should you do to impress Google?

•    Titles

You need to make your titles relevant to the content on the page as well as make them compelling.

•    URL Structure or Site Architecture

To start out with a good URL structure is important to both the users and search engines. So, make sure your structure is very clean.

•    Check Server Logs or Analytics

You can spend whole day in your log files and analytics to find great ways to Optimize but today Matt mentioned finding the keywords you are currently on page 2 for and get them to page 1.

•    Keywords in URL and Content

If you don’t have keywords in your content then why should you show up? Also, it is always best to have your keyword in the URL of the page.

•    Add a Page of Content a Day

Google likes fresh content. Matt said that fresh content as it almost always gets you more links than if your site is stale.