Advantages of Div over Table in SEO

Customization with CSS Div tags allow for more visual formatting not readily available to table designs.

And also, great for SEO because less code for crawlers to index keywords of your site without going through so many table tags and nested table tags. Larger sites consisting of hundreds and thousands of pages that can be easily formatted using style sheets.

In the early days of HTML and web authoring, tables were used to display data not position elements and style them. When the web got older then designers started using tables to create more visual pleasing layouts by using tables to arrange them on a page. But, soon they realized that using tables had major limits when it came to issues of advanced style options and positioning.

Consistent look and feel for a website is very important especially in marketing. By using tables for visual formats, there is more room to overlook certain if not many elements that need to be consistent through out your whole site.

The benefits of CSS and using DIV over Table for layout are as:

  1. Better portability to other media.
  1. Degrade more gracefully for older browsers. When we apply styles to headlines in the <h1> tag, if an older browser can’t read that style we still have some formatting in place.Potentially give better results in search engines. We can have the relevant content near the top of the html instead nested tables where it is not clear what is important within the code (the headline, the content) unless you view the document in a browser.
  1. Markup and presentation are separated. With a three column, two row table say our logo is in the top left corner and our headline is in the second row, middle column. With CSS we don’t need a whole table, just two divs. The content can be in a DIV above the logo in the markup, below the logo in the browser presentation. They adds some flexibility. With tables we have the logo and text in a certain place in the markup if we want it to display as described.Makes Programming easier. Makes programming easier because not as many extra <td> tags floating around.
  2. It’s good to separate content from layout
  3. Readability of the code
  4. Using Divs is better for SEO and not to use tables
  5. Tables are slower. A table significantly slows down a page
  6. A layout overhaul is easier without tables.

Now, we think you will appreciate the benefits CSS and DIVs have over tables.