Brand your business with E-mail hosting

E-mail hosting is an email service which allows businesses to use their domain name to create branded email accounts like or  Email Hosting companies run only email services on their servers. The fact that there are no other services hogging the same resources so improves reliability.

How Does Email Hosting Work?

To send or receive emails, you  need an email server (also called “mail server”). The term Email Server refers to two different aspects of email hosting, the email server can refer to the hardware server on which emails are handled in a dedicated email server scenario. This server also refers to the software used on the server to handle emails, whether a dedicated email server is used or emails are handled by a server performing another function like web server.

The email server is responsible for receiving, relaying or distributing emails. Each mail server on the Internet has a unique location, when you send an email to your friend Alice, “DNS servers” around the world inform webmail services and email servers where they should forward emails for the particular email domain Alice uses (“”).

Additional features of Email Hosting are:

  • Your organization will benefit from faster time to market, ease of scalability, higher performance, reliability, security, easy server access and increased bandwidth to handle spikes in email traffic.
  • Network based Email forwarders, Aliases and auto-responders,
  • Remote access to your emails via Webmail
  • Network based spam filters
  • Supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP

Advantages of Business Email Hosting:

  • Better promote and brand your business with a address
  • Can change your email address

Services of E-mail hosting are:

  • Get email addresses of your own domain
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Unlimited e-mail forwards
  • Catch-all e-mail address
  • Real time creation of mailboxes
  • Greylisting option for your domain.
  • Webmail to access emails anywhere
  • Auto response for every email address.
  • Spam filertering / Anti Virus Scanning
  • Purchase the total storage space for the domain and upgrade the limit anytime if you need more.
  • You have the option to apply storage space for your own mailboxes

Now we hope that you know how easy and important an E-mail hosting to brand your business.