5 Best Cloud Hosting Platforms for Small Businesses

Cloud hosting: An introduction

Cloud hosting refers to hosting websites on multiple (virtual) servers that draw resources from physical servers stored in the data centers. The arrangement ensures the websites are up and running even when any of the servers go offline. The service provider bills the client only for the features they use and also offers real-time access to scalable features. These benefits are a boon for small evolving corporates with limited resources.

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On that note, let’s take a look at some of the most promising apps among these services:

1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the best performance-driven, and easy to use cloud hosting services that the industry has to offer. The platform is compatible with almost all versions of Windows and Linux and is best suited to meet the needs of corporates that rely heavily on Windows servers. Microsoft Azure supports various languages such as Java, PHP, and. NET , therefore, you can set up a website using any of these languages. You can also set up most Windows server applications within an hour. Azure is the most easy to set-up and maintain cloud hosting and can be an ideal choice for your small business.

2. Office Time

Do you need a solution that can keep a track of your small business’s productivity and helps in keeping a tab on paperwork and related hassles? If yes, then Office Time is the program you need. The app keeps a track of the time that you spend on each project and calculates the cost/project and will even generates an invoice if you need. With customizable features and no extra charges for subscriptions, or added features Office Time will prove to be your small business’s best friend.

3. Adobe Formscentral

Forms Central by Adobe helps you create forms that customers visiting your website can fill out. Moreover, the app can also help you analyze the data using Business Intelligence. Free versions of this program are available, however, they offer limited usage. It is therefore, advisable that you opt for a monthly/yearly subscription to get the most out of this service. FormsCentral offers you the advantage of creating customizable forms and you can also include additional fields according to your requirements.

4. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is loaded with videoconferencing features such as video and audio chat, and desktop sharing to help you organize interactive team meetings and training sessions. The price of the subscription will depend on the number of hosts and participants that’ll be using the service. Adobe Connect offers a range of advantages such as screen sharing (both for the participants as well as the host), no restrictions on the use of webcams and the number of video feeds. Moreover, audio and video options are customizable and it is upto the host to decide the participants.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive works closely with Google Docs, sheets, and slides to help you create, edit, and store documents. The app facilitates syncing between devices and helps you start from where you left last, therefore, when you get back to home from office you can start working on the document(from the point where you left)and it will reflect on your office system the next morning. While using this service you can convert different file types to Google’s format and edit, upload, and create documents.

Cloud is the Present and the Future

The above are some of the best cloud hosting platforms for small businesses. If you need any of these services or are looking for a provider that offers customized cloud hosting in India; we at i2k2.com can be of help. Cloud server hosting in India as an industry is changing by leaps and bounds and is witnessing the influx of new technologies and processes. We at i2k2 Networks keep on updating our knowledge base and adopt best practices to provide scalable solutions to our clients. Call us today to learn more about our services.