Why Your Business Needs Colocation Hosting

Business either needs to shell out large sums of money on hardware, support and other infrastructure for hosting a website, or has to compromise on a few things because of the high costs. Both options hurt profits and usability in the long run. Colocation hosting is a middle-ground solution that provides the same level of support and robust technology at an affordable cost. A business rents space on a large server rack to place its own server hardware.

Colocation Hosting in India

Benefits of Colocation Hosting – 

Colocation hosting in India is gaining attraction for the multiple benefits it offers to businesses. Let’s look at a few:

1. Focus on increasing business potential

When a business opts for colocation hosting, it doesn’t need to worry about operational expenditure or keeping an IT team, and yet, there’s no compromise in the infrastructure or support rendered. You don’t have to wake up at the middle of the night to reboot a server as the colocation company takes care of everything. This means that top management, and even employees, can focus more on your core activities rather than working on something with which they are not familiar.

2. Global connectivity in a secure environment

Colocation hosting means a business connects at a global level in a secure manner. Businesses with onsite server rooms usually don’t have a dedicated employee to monitor the traffic and robust Internet connectivity. Colocation services provide faster networking and robust connectivity at a low price.

3. More capabilities and upgraded infrastructure

Colocation hosting, when compared with the capabilities of a standard server room, comes out tops. Even if your in-house server room has air conditioning, power, and battery backup, it doesn’t protect the infrastructure properly. Business needs to ensure that the power solution has distribution paths and diverse power feeds, diverse cooling systems, UPS support, and timely monitoring of battery levels. A hundred percent uptime solution is a must for server hosting rooms. When a business opts for colocation hosting, all these fundamentals are taken care of by the service provider.

A few other benefits

  • Hardware Selection – Colocation hosting allows businesses to choose hardware according to particular requirements. From engineering the configuration to choosing the operating system of the server and making changes in settings, business has a say in every technology related decision.
  • Support & Security – Colocation hosting gives small businesses the same level of support and secure environment that large organizations get. Technicians in a colocation hosting company have experience similar to those working in big companies, but small businesses don’t have to pay hefty sums to use their expertise. The team has a fixed tenure and needs to pass security checks at a regular interval, which ensures the safety of the colocated server.

In a Nutshell

The difference in the cost of setting up own server and renting up space is one of the biggest reasons businesses opt for colocation hosting services. Businesses get optimal protection from power outages, server downtime issues, security factors, and several other problems that any company could encounter after setting up an in-house server. If you want to learn more about colocation hosting or discuss your requirements, feel free to talk to the team at i2k2 Networks. We will be glad to assist you.