Some Advanced Traffic Analysis Techniques with Google Analytics

We all web users know this that Google Analytics is highly reliable and provides too much information about your website visitors’ behavior or website traffic absolutely free. So, here I am providing you some interesting ways to use the unknown data.

Actually, the way the data is being used is the difference between a common and advanced usage of Google Analytics. It is sufficient to just have a look on the following numbers and stats:

•    Check the number of daily website visitors means check the Google Analytics Dashboard.

•    Just know, to get to your website which keywords are used by visitors when they are visiting from the search engines. You can find this information also under Traffic sources Keywords.

•    Just know, which pages of your website are the most popular. You can find this with Google Analytics under “Top Content.”

•    Check the top sources of traffic. Therefore, you can get number of information by just clicking on “Traffic sources” like to determine whether most of your website traffic is coming from search engines, referral websites or social book marking sites.

But for this, you should have the following skills:

•    Ability to spot that the existing content serves the right visitors. This can be interpreted easily by using % Bounce rate as shown in the dashboard
•    Ability to copy and paste Google Analytics code into all of the pages in your website for which you want to monitor visitor behavior or traffic

Advanced techniques need not to look at those data, but derive actual information about it. Following will tell you how to get the most out of Google Analytics to help you to gain the profits.

•    Targeting the correct visitors to your website
•    Maximizing traffic to your website
•    Maximizing sales for your website
•    Use the advanced analytics data to determine whether there are some problems or browser incompatibilities affecting the user’s experience of your website
•    Determine accurately if your website’s content is good to convince users
•    Setting up basic conversions

So, I hope you like my article!