Need Customizability of Dedicated Hosting & Scalability of Shared Hosting – Go Cloud!

Web hosting has reached a point where the conventional means are restricting the user rather than facilitating them. And to stem this rot, technological innovations in the form of cloud hosting India – a platform that is flexible as well as scalable. This system is able to easily combine the best of dedicated as well as shared hosting services and provide all companies with an excellent mode of floating a website on the internet. Cloud hosting networks are readily being adopted throughout the business world as they leverage greater functionality to the user at lesser rates.

The corporate hosting component of the global IT industry has met with a turning point, viz. cloud hosting. It is a virtualized website hosting system where any number of servers can be linked to each other, irrespective of their location, as the connections are made in cyberspace. The users can add or remove servers depending upon the requirements of the website, and the resources of all the servers are utilized by pooling all of them together, thereby making the service more effective and helpful, compared to shared and dedicated server hosting.