i2k2 Networks Avails Abiquo’s Enterprise Cloud Management Software

It has been many years since i2k2 Networks started working towards unleashing the power of Internet to business houses worldwide. This firm renders high quality and innovative hosting, designing & developing and SEO services to companies based across the globe. Now, Abiquo, one of the world’s leading Enterprise Cloud Management software providers has declared i2k2 Networks as a true customer for using its Enterprise Edition as a platform to provide Enterprise Cloud Management Services to its privileged customers.  By using Abiquo platform, i2k2 Networks sells a set of computing, networking, and storage resources as a virtual enterprise. This system provides the customers full control of their independent computing infrastructure, without the maintenance necessities of physical infrastructure.

Mr. Raj Vrach, CTO of i2k2 Networks, said that “we have seen the demand for managed private Clouds increase exponentially in 2010. With Abiquo’s Cloud management platform, we can sell and implement managed private Clouds to large enterprise customers quickly, while leveraging our existing infrastructure and billing system.”  Further he added that “we believe that many enterprises will eventually move to a managed hybrid cloud model and Abiquo will enable i2k2 Networks customers to make that transition seamlessly.” i2k2 Networks’ panoptic knowledge and capabilities assure its clients with high class and cost-effective industry solutions.

Visit the site for more information www.i2k2.com