AWS finally announced the availability of S3 Glacier Deep Archive for coldest cloud storage needs


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently released its S3 Glacier Deep Archive cloud storage with the lowest price offering, ranging from $0.00099 per GB or 1USD per TB per month.

This lucrative pricing is aimed to attract various organizations yearning to move their barely accessed data and applications stored in the off-site archives or magnetic tapes to the coldest cloud storage option.

Also, managing the tape infrastructure for retaining information from Exabyte of storage locked away on the tape is one of the most irrational tasks for any organization. The S3 Glacier Deep Archive not only avails the storage option for the rarely accessed data but also eliminates the need to deal with the infrastructure or logistics of traditional tape access.

With features as eleven nines durability and restoration within 12 hours or less, AWS S3 Glacier gives a tough competition to Google’s Coldline storage offering.