Amazon Web Services vs Google Cloud Platform : Which Way Forward?

Comparison Between Amazon Web Services vs Google Cloud Platform

Gone are the days when businesses had to struggle with complicated networking and on-premise server rooms. Major cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform offer comparatively faster, affordable, more secure, scalable, and powerful cloud infrastructure to help businesses secure their data and access it in real-time. To reap the desired benefits, it is important to choose a service provider and package that best meets your needs. In this blog post, we look at some of the key differences between Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Read on!

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the biggest, popular, and most comprehensive cloud computing platforms that offer reliable, flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use cloud computing solutions to businesses and individuals around the world. Amazon cloud services platform is also known as a powerhouse of databases, storage, analytics, deployment, delivery, and networking options offered to developers. AWS offers over 175 fully-featured services that help fast-growing businesses, startups, big enterprises, and MNCs from all over the world to lower costs, innovate faster, and become more agile.

Why AWS?

  • Amazon Web Hosting Services offers easy deployment process for applications
  • Businesses who have DevOps teams to manage and configure their infrastructure can benefit immensely from adopting AWS web application services
  • Businesses can deploy new versions of their web and mobile applications in a much lesser time.
  • Amazon Web Services offers high computing power
  • Hosting applications in AWS helps businesses improve the productivity of their application development team
  • AWS also offers a wide range of automated functionalities including configuration, setup, and scaling.
  • It is one of the most cost-effective services that offers a pay-as-you-go model without asking for any long-term commitments and up-front payments
  • AWS allows businesses to use already familiar programming models, databases, operating systems, and architectures.
  • Businesses are allowed cloud access quickly with limitless capacity.

Features of AWS

  • AWS offers an affordable cost of ownership when compared to other private/dedicated servers.
  • AWS web hosting encourages centralized billing and management along with Hybrid Capabilities
  • Allows businesses to deploy their applications in any corner of the world with just a few clicks

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was launched by Google in 2011. Being one of the most popular cloud computing platforms, it helps individuals and businesses to grow and thrive with the help of secure, intelligent, and highly flexible infrastructure.

Why GCP?

  • GCP offers high productivity through Quick Access to innovation
  • GCP has future-proof infrastructure
  • It encourages a serverless environment to allow you to connect cloud services on microservices architecture
  • GCP offers Powerful Data Analytics
  • Google cloud hosting services are cost-effective and offer long-term discounts
  • Access to Big Data and Machine Learning products
  • Offers Instance and payment configuration

Features of GCP

  • Google cloud platform is constantly adopting more OS and languages
  • GCP has a UI that helps businesses improve user experience.
  • It offers an on-demand self-service
  • Giant network access
  • Rapid elasticity and resource pooling

Key Differences

  • In AWS, data transmission is in general format while in GCP, it is in fully encrypted format
  • AWS volume size is 500 GB to 16 TB while Google Cloud volume size is 1 GB to 64 TB
  • AWS offers cloud-based disaster recovery services and GCP offers backup services

Way Forward

While AWS and GCP both have their pros and cons, you must understand the needs of your organization before choosing. It is critical to adopt the right platform that can help your business to achieve the desired goals. To learn more about Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud Services or discuss your requirements, talk to our team of season experts. When looking for the best Google or AWS web hosting services in the NCR region, Delhi, India, look no further than i2k2 Networks. Call +91-120-466-3031 or +91-97-1177-4040. You can also email