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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Fri, 12th June 2020 | 03:00 pm – 04:00 pm

About the Virtual Event

As work from home is the new normal. the organisations are facing a great challenge towards providing remote working solutions with high security, no downtime and improved access to their applications and workloads.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is an OpenStack Cloud based infrastructure that enables businesses to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops to any device, from anywhere thus reducing the maintenance cost as well. i2k2 Networks ensures the best possible VDI experience within the context of complex multi-device, multi-app workflows, which gives employees comprehensive and secure access to everything they need to stay productive from anywhere.

This webinar seeks to address some of these questions on the fast changing remote working landscape. We will also focus on how these emerging tech skills can enable us to get ready for the future.

About the Presenter

Mr. Rahul Aggarwal, with more than two decades of experience in developing global-scale businesses from the ground up, personifies an unwavering commitment to excellence, and such are the manifestations of his vision: i2k2 Networks, ROI Mantra, and iXcheck.

Mr. Aggarwal initiated his professional journey with Crompton & Greaves, but it wasn’t too long before his entrepreneurial instincts took control, as he adjourned the association to lay the foundation of i2k2 Networks Pvt. Ltd., in 1999, which he spearheads to this day. He is an Engineering Graduate and a very successful entrepreneur.

Designated as the i2k2 Networks CEO, he is operating 250+ strength of strong team with an extensive service folio comprising Data Center Services, Managed Hosting, Colocation, DR services, Amazon Web Services, Azure Web Services, Google Cloud, and Business Continuity Consulting among others.

What You Will Learn

  • What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?
  • What’s the difference between VDI and DaaS?
  • How does VDI work?
  • Why use VDI?
  • How VDI can benefit organizations technologically and economically?

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