About Agaston Mobile

Agaston Mobile Pvt Ltd – Manufacturer of smart phone, TA-1 phone & TA-2 phone in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Agaston Mobile Private Limited is an Indian Non-Government Company. It’s a private company and is classified as ‘company limited by shares’. Agaston Mobile Private Limited is majorly in Business Services business and currently, company operations are active.

Problem Statement / Definition

Agaston Mobile IT team need to re-design its infrastructure to deploy SAP applications on Public cloud with secure and redundant Database deployment. Agaston Mobile previously using Azure cloud to host its SAP B1 and other services properties. Agaston Mobile wanted to deploy the SAP B1 and other Production workload on cloud and secure the infrastructure. The IT Team wants to use the cloud to deploy the Servers and secure the infrastructure with robust monitoring system.

  • SAP B1 Application server with RDP Access.
  • MS SQL Database high availability with cost effective solutions.
  • CRM deployment with High Availability.
  • Monitoring with alert and notifications.


Agaston Mobile has their server infrastructure in Azure Cloud in which they were hosting their SAP B1 and other services properties. After doing 2 months of POC with Azure Cloud services they experience high cost for the workload on monthly billing cycle.

Agaston IT team has 2 goals to achieve with AWS cloud services: Migrate the work load on AWS cloud and deploy the cost effective solutions.

Proposed Solution

i2k2 Networks team analyses the existing infrastructure that Agaston currently had Two SAP B1 servers and SQL Database server, CRM Server and CRM Database server on Azure cloud. Their users were accessing Servers using RDP connections.

i2k2 Networks team designs the architecture on AWS cloud and plan to migrate application workload from Azure cloud to AWS cloud. They were using MSSQL Database which was not possible to migrate to RDS because of RDS SQL limitation. So we plan to deploy the SQL Virtual machine with high availability solution.

For database High availability i2k2 Networks team will deploy the Database Mirroring with SQL server standard edition. SQL was an alternative option but it requires SQL Enterprises editions which was not cost-effective solution. We will reinstall the SAP B1 and migrate the configuration to AWS server and reinstall the CRM and migrate the configuration from Azure cloud server.

For Monitoring: i2k2 Networks team will deploy Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, SES to monitor and notify the issues to concern team.

Agaston Proposed Architecture


Primary AWS Services Used :

  • SAP Server
  • SAP Database
  • CRM DB
  • Witness Server
  • Alerts/Cloud Watch/Cloud Trail

Start/End Dates of the Project


Outcome of the Project and Success Metrics

For Agaston Mobile migrated workload to the AWS Cloud improves business agility and operational efficiency, with this deployment Agaston Mobile user’s will experience seamless experience with various other applications, the infrastructure is very reliable and horizontally scalable and cost effective, If number of concurrent connections will increase, then the AWS auto scaling will automatically increase and decrease the resources as per use.

Partner Name

i2k2 Networks Pvt. Ltd. – Advanced Consulting Partner to Amazon Web Services.