i2k2 DevOps for AWS

i2k2 DevOps for AWS

Most of the IT organizations are still running their business on the conventional model whether it is infrastructure or the development. Which in-turn is time consuming and requires the higher number of resources, so what could be the better approach to mitigate the impediments of the conventional model and enhance the agility of your business.

The fast-paced organizations must built the foundation of systems and processes that are adaptive, innovative and facilitates the continuous communication. In a digital reality to enhance your operations, increased flexibility, collaborative working and continuous delivery DevOps is the remedy.

At i2k2 Networks, we leverage our experience in AWS cloud technologies best practices to create a proficient DevOps delivery. We leverage set of tools and processes instilled from our expertise to strategize and offer end-to-end DevOps implementation to ensure continuous delivery to our customers.

To comprehend the DevOps Process, which is benison for the new aged organizations, let us establish what exactly the DevOps is. At its core, DevOps is a philosophy and practice focused on agility, collaboration, and automation within IT and development team processes.

i2k2 Networks understand this theory to the core and assist its customers while providing the agile and robust infra which in-turn aid them on Continuous software delivery | Less complexity to manage | Faster resolution of problems.

Listed below are some of the tools/technologies we have worked upon while providing our consulting and manage services for DevOps to our AWS customers:

Containerization tools

  • Elastic Container Services (ECS)
  • Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry
  • AWS Fargate

Infrastructure Automation

  • AWS Beanstalk
  • AWS Lambda
  • Test automation tools
  • AWS Auto-Scaling

Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI-CD)

  • AWS API gateway
  • AWS Codepipeline
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodeBuild

Monitoring Tools

  • AWS Kinesis
  • AWS Cognito
  • AWS Config
  • AWS X-Ray

Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

  • AWS EC2 API Reference

What i2k2 Networks do as your DevOps Partner?

Guiding through end-to-end DevOps Implementation
1. Strategic Planning:

We hold the meetings with customer business stakeholders (CIO, developers, infra and security departments) to get the vision of how their delivery processes works what are the concerns and expectations of different departments related to operations. Our experts analyze the readiness and assist you to comprehend the strategic advantages DevOps implementation may bring to you.

2. Solution Roadmap and Design:

Design the containerization approach, Design a CI/CD solution, Design a way to integrate infrastructure automation with CI/CD tools, Design monitoring solution, Prepare the detailed DevOps implementation plan and Define DevOps-specific challenges and elaborate solutions.

3. Solution Implementation:

The i2k2 Team applies its knowledge with skills to implement and deploy the solution for you successfully. We share the IaC knowledge with you and your teams to automate and simplify the process and automation. i2k2 also provide the assistance in the CI/CD and test automation tools.

4. Manage Support During and Post Deployment:

i2k2 team provides the support to your organizations DevOps practioners during the deployment and even after till you are with us and ensure the smooth run hroughout. Our DevOps experts can provide help with maintaining the operability of the infrastructure, implementing changes in it, ensuring a proper load distribution within your environment.

i2k2 DevOps Integration for AWS customers - Case Studies

Below are some of the examples of i2k2 DevOps team’s – planning and deployment strategy, that how did we implemented the solutions for complex requirements.

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