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AWS Media Services

Over the top videos and live streaming are capturing the market of media leaving behind the scheduled programs and television screens. Most of the people like to see what they want at whatever time they want, and this is possible with different platforms streaming OTT videos. AWS Media Services make it easy and fast to prepare, transport, process, and deliver over-the-top video with high efficiency and in less time. If you are into media businesses, you must consider opting for AWS media solutions as it provides excellent viewing experience on multiple screens. AWS Media Services saves you a lot of time and money by innovating, testing, and deploying video services, offloading the heavy loading from your shoulders. AWS media services provide consistency, high-quality content delivery, and help to grow your audience.

Why AWS Media Services?

Focus on Content

Using AWS media solutions helps you focus on creating and delivering innovative video experiences and delighting your viewers. You can allocate your resources to content and services, setting aside the heavy lifting of maintenance, process, and delivery hardware.

Scale as You Grow

Scalable services of AWS video streaming service lets you keep pace with growing file sizes and large video streams. Using AWS services makes it economical and easy to add capacity when the size of the video expands.

Build and Adapt Quickly

Easily incorporate monetization services, security features, or machine-learning tools of AWS media element media services helps you to be the first to launch new offerings, adapt or capitalize on new business opportunities.

AWS Media Services Tools

  • AWS Elemental MediaConnect
  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert
  • AWS ElementalMediaLive
  • AWS lambda Video Transcoding
  • AWS Live Streaming Service

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Hassle free & dedicated 24 hours on-call support along with real-time monitoring of your instances, you will remain connected to your AWS infrastructure.

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I2k2 Networks is a leading data center and global dedicated web hosting company with 20 years of proven business focused on new and future technologies. We offer Amazon business app hosting for business security, fully managed services, business continuity, as well as scalability and execution. Our other AWS services includes web hosting, aws migration services, server migration service, amazon relational database service, database services, and amazon redshift database. For more information on our AWS app hosting or any other services, feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form or giving us a call at +91-120-466-3031.

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