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Need of Open Source Cloud Solutions & Services

The demand for open source platforms and services is increasing every day globally. Organizations face immense peer pressure to implement cost reduction initiatives and gain a competitive edge on the global market. Additionally, customers are readily aspiring to have an environment which is Cloud ready. Thereby, open source cloud platforms such as OpenStack and Cloudstack are gaining popularity, by offering improved flexibility, next-generation ecosystem readiness, open standards, lower total cost of ownership, competitive advantage, and innovative technology. Open source cloud solutions offer end-to-end delivery of state-of-the-art solutions in IT infrastructure. They’re also armed with improved measures for fault tolerance and disaster recovery for the data and other business-critical resources, should there be any incident at the server end.

EM Share Services

It can be a cumbersome task to manage digital assets, but not anymore. With EM share offering simplicity, control, and flexibility to applications, it‘s much easier to manage and share your digital assets. The application is customizable at every level and makes access to multimedia or other content feasible. With social media features included, your assets can reach a global audience as well.

EM Share – Key Points
  • Batch Upload available
  • Asset version control
  • Data sharing with global users possible
  • Advanced metadata options
  • Drag and Drop upload and download options
  • Option to combine multiple catalogs
  • Granular permission control
  • Copyright protection by watermarking

Alfresco Open Source Services

Alfresco is the open source leader for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) providing Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Management and Imaging. Based out of London, Alfresco is a trusted platform with clients including NASA, The PGA Tour, British Telecom, Tech Mahindra and Fox among hundreds of others. Stay lean with an organized Content Management System combined with our reliable Cloud Hosting; the benefits of Alfresco are innumerable.

Open Source Alfresco – Key Points
  • Cost Effective and open source version (license free)
  • Installs with OpenOffice
  • Easy to use at both admin and user ends
  • Decades of experience with document management system
  • Multiple language support
  • Option to add a language pack
  • Deleted items stored in the archive space store.
  • Admin can back
  • up and purge periodically.
  • Easy to customize and maintain
  • Multiple file systems support including CIFS/SMB
  • Easy integration with multiple platforms
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Customizable workflows with digital asset management capabilities
  • A thriving community which includes developers, contributors and user groups

ownCloud open source

Owncloud is an open source platform for the file, folder storage, and sync, with end-user access from multiple platforms and interfaces. The software is designed for all consumers from individual users to big enterprises with complex and customs requirements. The combined reliability of i2k2 Hosting and ownCloud open source software gives you a stable cloud file storage platform. On top of this, you get one-time cloud consulting services from us as well.

The platform can be integrated with popular authentication protocols such as active directory and LDAP; plus there is an option to add storage from other platforms that are easily integrated with other platforms.

ownCloud Open Source Service – Key points
  • Anytime anywhere access to data
  • Server-side encryption for privacy protection
  • Public file sharing via a URL
  • Advanced conflict handling capabilities
  • External storage support
  • Public API’s available so that application development for the platform is easier
  • Controlled sharing from desktop clients and mobile applications
  • A customizable theme for a custom UI

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