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About this webinar

Introducing ERP on AWS by i2k2 Networks – an innovative Solution to access your ERP. Liberate yourself from the hassles of buying, managing and upgrading servers and desktops.

Many of the world’s enterprises (both big and small) are now replacing their traditional ERP Softwares with ERP running in the AWS Cloud. As well as increasing business agility and scalability, our cloud platform significantly reduces ERP infrastructure and support costs, simplifies operations and contributes directly to the bottom line. Your ERP and data are securely hosted on AWS servers and can be accessed from any device, from anywhere by single user or multiple users at the same time.

We understand that keeping your financial / accounting data on the remote server is a very sensitive decision. That is the reason, we have kept data security as our topmost priority. In fact, keeping the data on remote & managed servers is more secure than keeping the server in your premises. Every ERP / user instance works in its own work-area which makes it very secure.

Having an experience of 21+ years in remote computing, server setup & data center operations; deployed more than 4000 users; we know what the customer requires

In this overview webinar, you will learn about:

  • How companies are migrating their ERP workloads to AWS
  • How rapid resource provisioning in the cloud can help enterprises be more agile
  • How IT, and specifically ERP running in the cloud, can become a competitive differentiator, not just a cost centre
  • Typical ERP solutions and use cases deployed on AWS
  • Boost productivity for your staff
  • Infuse better inventory management and visibility
  • Embed analytics for predictive IT support
  • Attain flexibility in innovation
  • Achieve complete compliance to security & privacy laws

Presented By

Hari Prasad AG

Senior Project Manager
I2K2 Networks

Niyati Upadhyay

Associate Solution Architect


Access Anytime

Cost Reduction

Easy Deployment

Easy Upgradation

Increased Productivity

Real Time Backup and Restore

Super Secured

Supports all devices

24 x7 x 365 Support

ERP on AWS has proven to reduce costs in many ways because it:

  • Avoids all upfront costs for computing infrastructure
  • Reduces IT support services because IT support is provided by AWS
  • Eliminates paying upfront for application software licenses.
  • AWS handles the updates and upgrades, reducing maintenance and support cost.

The most important benefits of Cloud ERP go beyond cost-savings and include:

  • Paying only for the computing resources needed
  • Faster implementation of ERP applications, since installation user devices is not required
  • The company can adjust the storage needs as the need fluctuates.
  • Secured data back-up and fast recovery
  • Accessing the system from anywhere and anywhere makes it easy for a company to expand.

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