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Modern applications are quite tough to protect. Whether you talk about mobile or web, cloud-based or custom-developed, applications are widely spread across a range of frameworks and digital platforms. These applications generally count on thirdparty resources to coordinate, support, and accelerate business operations. APIs support this interaction. Insecure APIs indicates an application security blind spot. As a result, there is an exponential growth in the attack surface threatening applications. Even the year-over-year HaltDos Network & Application Security survey states that the fastest growing threat to an enterprise is — Application Vulnerability.

Applications coupled with the APIs they leverage to interact, need to be protected against growing a range of attack methods. Not only this, Agile development practices, security policies, and DevOps needs to be adapted to maintain pace and ensure applications are in a constant flux state. High-end security solution – WEB APPLICATION FIREWALL needs to be deployed in mission-critical infrastructure to mitigate advanced web application attacks in real-time and without any human intervention.

Protection against top listed threats

The OWASP Top 10 list gives a brief on how to protect your applications from the most common threats (like application misconfigurations that result in vulnerabilities), detection strategies, and mitigations. This list is an industry-standard benchmark for the application security community. It explains the basic capabilities that a WAF must have to protect applications from common attacks like cross-site scripting, injections, session hijacking, cross-site request forgery, and others.

There are common exploits and are just the starting points, WAF can cater more than these vulnerabilities – Advanced threats.


WAF leverages a combination of signature and machine learning to block all attack attempts directed at webfacing applications. With built-in bot protection, Haltdos can accurately identify bots from human traffic and restrict spam, crawlers and content scrapers from misusing your applications.

Haltdos Cloud WAF-as-a-Service uses multi-cloud environment to provide a truly global Edge network across North & South Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia with traffic capacity to manage over 6 Tbps – 3x times than the largest known DDoS attack. The service is backed by managed services to configure, monitor and mitigate attacks 24×7 by Haltdos SOC & Support teams.

Competitive Landscape

Differentiator HaltDos Cloudflare Stackpath Akamai AWS
Data Leak Prevention YES NO NO NO NO
AI based Machine Learning YES NO NO NO NO
Automatic Profiling YES NO NO NO NO
Form Validation (Positive Security Model) YES NO NO NO NO
Security Scanning YES NO NO NO NO
Browser Based Protection YES NO NO NO NO
Deception Technology YES NO NO NO NO
Request-Response Correlation YES NO NO NO NO
Account Takeover Protection YES NO NO NO NO
Periodic Reporting YES NO NO NO NO
Realtime Dashboard with Granularity in minutes 1 M 15 M 1 M 5 M 1 M

Key Features

Management & Reporting

  • Real Time Dashboards
  • Simple integration with SIEM
  • Restful APIs for customIntegration
  • Periodic Reporting
  • Fine grained multi-user access
  • control
  • Staging Policy support

Application Delivery

  • Layer 4/7 Load Balancing
  • Built-in Caching and
  • compression
  • Built-in SSL offloading
  • Hyper-localized Content Caching
  • with multiple CDN
  • Primary & Secondary Anycast secure DNS service

Unique Features

  • AI-based Machine Learning
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Full OWASP Top 10 protection
  • Behavior-based protection
  • Positive and Negative Security Model
  • Deception capability for Bot Protection
  • Built-in API Gateway
  • 4000+ Built-in security rules
  • Fully managed Multi-Cloud solution
  • Built-in Web security Scanner
  • Automatic DDoS mitigation at Source


  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Periodic Threat Intelligence


“No matter where your applications are deployed, it’s important to be able to quickly and easily scale security across the entire infrastructure. You can easily deploy and integrate our Cloud WAF with your existing security solutions within minutes.” → HaltDos

Reduce the risk of data theft and security breaches through vulnerable applications

Prevent application downtime due to DDoS attacks

Improve reliability and resilience with built-in Application Delivery & Traffic Management

Defend against new and emerging threats

Enforces PCI DSS and HIPPA compliances to ensure website meets the highest standards of data protection

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