Case Study - Entertainment Business

Migration to Zimbra Email Solutions

Industry: Entertainment

The Client: As a part of a diversified corporate group, the company is a well-established, fastest growing Mumbai-based media and entertainment enterprise. They entertain over 50 million patrons annually in 115 cities of 20 states at 155 locations. The enterprise has set its foot in states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujrat, Haryana, Delhi NCR, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Bihar, and Pondicherry. With a vision of establishing 1000 screens all across the nation by the year 2020, the group will lead in offering state-of-the-art movie experience and service standards.

Business Need

The client was using Google Apps and was looking for more extensive e-mail solution with rich features. The biggest concern for the client was the data for 1700 plus email ids on google, which was reported to be around 6 TB. The client was looking for an enterprise mailing solution but was a bit hesitant because of the data loss, security level on a new solution and the support services.


  • They needed to be able to share data with team engineers and external parties, while remaining in full control, with an option to wipe this data from the remote device if the need arose.
  • While the previous method of sharing data had sufficient security, it required manual setup and file management. In addition, it was difficult to control the data once it was shared and accessed through mobile devices.
  • They required a solution that would automate the file sharing process, offering advanced levels of flexibility without compromising security.


  • The i2k2 project team helped the client to design a system with performance in mind. The team performed exceptionally well while handling a rapidly expanding community of users and an unlimited number of files by maintaining an outstanding level of security.
  • The i2k2 Networks project team after working on the client's current infrastructure suggested Zimbra Network Edition. Integrating 1700 email ids to different servers without data loss was a task but i2k2 Networks professional team really worked hard towards it and made it possible for the client.
  • The i2k2 Access Advanced is an easy, complete and secure enterprise file sharing solution that increased productivity by freeing up time that was previously spent on manual management. The new solution gave the client complete control over the shared content, ensuring advanced security, maintaining compliance, and enabling the use of mobile devices.

Why i2k2

The i2k2 Networks offer dedicated servers for large enterprises and high traffic websites, i2k2 have a dedicated team of professionals for Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions. The solution provided by i2k2 gives the customer complete control with unmatched customization, installation, configuration, flexibility, scalability, and 24x7x365 comprehensive support. Customers do leverage our expertise and solutions to get the ultimate hosting experience for their website and clients.

About i2k2 Networks

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