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The Northern Railway is one of the 16 railway zones of Indian Railways. It is the largest zone in terms of route kilometers, with a network of over 6,800 kilometers. The Northern Railway covers the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and the Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, and Chandigarh.

The Northern Railway is a vital part of the Indian economy. It provides transportation for millions of people and goods every day. The zone is constantly working to improve its services and infrastructure. In recent years, the Northern Railway has invested heavily in new locomotives, coaches, and signaling systems. The zone has also been working to expand its network.

The Northern Railway is a major contributor to the economic development of India. It is a symbol of the country’s progress and prosperity. The zone is committed to providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services to the people of India.

The Challenge

Limited Insights: lacked a comprehensive view of passenger behavior, preferences, and journey patterns, making it challenging to tailor services effectively.

Inefficient Data Processing: Data from various sources, such as ticketing systems, onboard Wi-Fi, and station sensors, was stored in disparate formats and locations, making data processing cumbersome and time-consuming.

Lack of Real-time Analytics: Client needed timely insights to respond to incidents, manage crowd flow, and deliver real-time alerts to passengers.

The Solution

Northern Railway collaborated with i2k2 Networks and we have decided to implement a robust analytics solution that leveraged Amazon QuickSight, AWS Glue, and Amazon S3.

Provided benefits of the solution to client:

  • Data from ticketing systems, onboard Wi-Fi, station sensors, and social media was collected and stored in Amazon S3 buckets, ensuring scalability and durability.
  • AWS Glue was employed to automate the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process. Raw data was transformed into structured formats and stored in a data warehouse for analysis.
  • AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis were utilized to process real-time data streams, enabling Northern Railway to monitor train occupancy, passenger preferences, and station activity in real-time.
  • Amazon QuickSight was employed to create interactive dashboards and visualizations. Northern Railway stakeholders could explore data on passenger demographics, popular routes, peak travel times, and service feedback.
  • By applying machine learning models, Northern railway could predict potential service disruptions, optimize train schedules, and even suggest personalized journey plans to passengers.

The Result

In summary, with our Provided solution client harnessing the capabilities of Amazon QuickSight, AWS Glue, and Amazon S3, RailTech transformed their operations into a data-driven, customer-centric railway experience. The analytics solution not only improved customer satisfaction but also optimized operations, safety measures, and resource utilization, setting a benchmark for modern railway services.

Who we are?

Your Trusted Technology Partner:

Established in April 1999, with just a few customers and 4 employees, i2k2 Networks has now grown into a leading data center and web hosting company with more than 4000 customers across the globe. At i2k2, we work on a philosophy of commitment toward our customers and take total ownership to keep the customer's application online and make data secure. We get motivated by our customer's success and help them to scale their business with cutting-edge technologies and requisite expertise.

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Cloud Computing – We are highly proficient in cloud hosting serving more than 4000 Corporates with 14000+ VMs and Physical servers mainly in India.

Cloud Consulting – We are adept at delivering solutions on public cloud, private cloud, and Hybrid cloud. We are partners with AWS, Azure, Google, and other cloud providers.

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Focus to service our customers and create products that are extremely user-centric and solution-oriented with a highly-skilled technical team and a vast experience in the technology space, we have been developing products that are solving real-life issues that can service the masses

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We offer tailor-made solutions and services so that businesses can leverage the maximum benefits through us. We ensure that the delivery and quality parameters are met and remain committed to the best possible customer experience

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