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About Customer

Industry: Government

Established in 1911 under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is a pivotal institution for biomedical research in India. Operating under the Department of Health Research, Government of India, ICMR’s core mandate is to formulate, coordinate, and promote research across diverse health issues. Its research spans epidemiology, clinical trials, public health, and the development of medical technologies. ICMR publishes influential medical journals like the Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR) and collaborates with national and international institutions, contributing to global health initiatives. The organization actively shapes public health policies, engages in disease control strategies, and conducts training programs to bolster research capabilities. Emphasizing ethical standards, ICMR plays a crucial role in establishing guidelines for ethical biomedical and health research, ensuring the responsible conduct of studies
involving human participants.

Current Infrastructure

ICMR’s on-premises infrastructure consists of a variety of physical and virtual components, including:

Hardware: Servers, storage devices, network devices, and other IT equipment

Software: Operating systems, virtualization software, applications, and other IT software

Data: Research data, patient records, and other sensitive information

ICMR’s IT team plays a critical role in ensuring that the on-premises infrastructure is reliable, secure, and compliant with all requirements. By carefully managing the build-up, maintenance, and additional considerations, the IT team can help ICMR achieve its research goals.

The Challenge

Managing on-premises data for ICMR involves challenges such as:

  • 1. Ensuring robust protection for sensitive health data.
  • 2. Substantial upfront and ongoing expenses for hardware, software, and skilled personnel.
  • 3. Limited ability to scale infrastructure to meet growing data demands.
  • 4. Ongoing tasks for updates, upgrades, and disaster recovery planning.
  • 5. Keeping pace with technological advancements and hardware refresh cycles.
  • 6. Providing secure and efficient access to on-premises resources.
  • 7. Contributing to energy consumption and sustainability concerns.
  • 8. Need for skilled IT professionals for infrastructure management.
  • 9. Exploring hybrid approaches to balance on-premises benefits with cloud flexibility.


Here are some solutions to the data migration, data security, data compliance, data storage, backup, and disaster recovery issues faced by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR):

Data Migration
Develop a comprehensive migration plan: ICMR should carefully plan the migration process, including definingmigration timelines, assigning roles and responsibilities, and identifying potential risks and mitigation strategies. Utilize migration tools and expertise: Employ specialized migration tools and engage experienced migration consultants to ensure seamless and efficient data transfer. Conduct thorough testing and validation: Rigorously test migrated data to verify its accuracy, completeness, and consistency before transitioning to the new environment.

Data Security
Implement robust access controls: Enforce granular access controls to restrict data access only to authorized personnel. Employ data encryption techniques: Encrypt sensitive data at rest and in transit to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. Regularly monitor and audit data access: Continuously monitor data access patterns and conduct regular audits to detect and address potential security breaches.

Data Storage
Adopt a hybrid cloud storage strategy: Leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness of public cloud storage while maintaining control over sensitive data through private cloud storage. Utilize reliable and secure cloud providers:
Partner with reputable cloud providers that offer robust security measures and disaster recovery capabilities. Implement data archiving and preservation policies: Establish policies for archiving and preserving data to ensure long-term accessibility and compliance.

Data Disaster and recovery
Implement regular data backups: Maintain regular backups of critical data to facilitate data recovery in case of system failures or disasters. Establish a disaster recovery plan: Develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that
outlines procedures for restoring data and IT operations in the event of a disaster. Test disaster recovery procedures regularly: Conduct regular testing of disaster recovery procedures to ensure their effectiveness and identify any potential gaps.


  • 1. We have implemented an AWS WAF and all the traffic from the internet is coming through WAF towards infra.
  • 2. All the important instances are in the private subnet so that public access can't be achieved.
  • 3. For the developer, VPN is provided to access the infra for development-related management and upgradations.
  • 4. IAM, KMS and Secret Manager are also deployed to handle the access management and security of the cryptographic data.
  • 5. MFA is deployed to ensure the verified access on the infrastructure.
  • 6. The infrastructure is well architected and as per the best practices of the AWS to achieve the security.


  • 1. A multi-AZ infrastructure has been architected for this customer.
  • 2. Snapshots are being taken properly with a defined frequency and kept within S3, as-per-required retention period.

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