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MMTC-PAMP operates the world's most advanced precious metals processing facility that was set up in 2008. Today, they offer a wide repertoire of products and services, produced with the most contemporary best practices and adherent to the highest global quality standards. MMTC-PAMP Private Limited is a joint venture between MMTC Ltd and PAMP SA, Switzerland, and it is known for its role in the production of gold and silver coins and bars.

In a fiercely competitive industry, the company must rely on data-driven decisions to maintain a competitive edge. To achieve this, they sought to streamline their data centre operations and cut down on operational expenses.

Current Infrastructure

Here’s a brief overview of the typical infrastructure setup when running legacy applications and databases in an on-premises environment: Servers, Network Infra, App server, DB server, Security Measures, Monitoring Health check, Storage, License, and compliance.

MMTC PAMP operates with a setup encompassing development (Dev), user acceptance testing (UAT), and production environments, all supported by backup and restore services from the data center service provider. To enhance security, the data center provider has deployed distinct redundant firewalls at layer three, incorporating web application security modules on these firewalls. Both applications and databases are housed within the same data center and in the event of any issues with workloads, reliance is placed solely on backup measures.

The Challenge

The company was facing the following challenges in various below aspects:

  • The lack of a comprehensive digital platform hindered customer engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Manual processes and data management inefficiencies impeded operational excellence.
  • The company aimed to enhance its applications, transitioning them to a hybrid cloud framework utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Infrastructure scaling is time taken and ticket-based approach as in case of urgency the business gets hamper till the desired infrastructure not commissioned for the customer. Sometimes the infra scaled up or down after minutes of urgency has passed and loss happened in business.
  • A CI/CD Pipeline needs to be set up to facilitate the dev team for continuous development.
  • Separate Dev, and Production environment need to be set up and to be integrated for seamless development, testing, and deployment.

The Solution

When the customer comes to us, we analyze the current situation and hurdles and decide to craft the solution on the AWS. As per the recommendation of the solution team we have decided to move the current infra to AWS. AWS offered the following benefits:

Provided benefits of the solution to client: –

  • Automation of manual processes and data optimization systems improved operational productivity. Scalable and reliable infrastructure: AWS provides a scalable and reliable infrastructure that can handle the company’s massive data volume.
  • Cost-effective: AWS is a cost-effective solution for the company, as it only pays for the resources it uses.
  • Recommended a solution and opted for the Microservices deployment approach.
  • The company formulated a solution for the deployment of Apps and DB within the AWS Cloud.

After moving its Infra to AWS, the company has achieved the following results:

  • With the successful implementation of the solution, the company is now highly confident in the strategic decision it made. The transition to AWS has yielded maximum value, characterized by a shift from capital expenses to operating expenses.
  • This transition has also liberated resources that were previously tied up in routine tasks like traditional platform maintenance. These resources are now available for more strategic initiatives.


  • 1. AWS WAF is provided to protect apps and APIs against bots and exploits that consume resources, skew metrics, or cause downtime.
  • 2. AWS Guard Duty is deployed for threat detection, and it also continuously monitor the infra to detect any kind of malicious activity.
  • 3. Important instances are kept in the private subnet and user access can be provided by using VPN.
  • 4. AWS Security Hub is deployed here for security posture management service that automates best practice checks, aggregates alerts, and supports automated remediation.
  • 5. Access Management and Security of Keys is achieved using the KMS (key Management Service).
  • 6. MFA is also implemented to provide an extra layer of authentication.


  • 1. A DR/Multi-AZ infrastructure has been architected for this custome

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