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In the face of explosive growth, a major e-commerce company found itself grappling with a surge in customer support inquiries. The traditional methods they relied on, like live chat with human agents and a static FAQ section, were simply overwhelmed. Customers faced long wait times due to limited agent availability, leading to frustration and a decline in overall satisfaction. The problem extended beyond just response times. The lack of 24/7 support meant that customers encountering issues outside of business hours had nowhere to turn, potentially leading to missed sales or a reluctance to adopt new services. This inefficiency created a significant barrier for the company, hindering their ability to deliver a positive customer experience and effectively manage their ever-expanding customer base. It was clear that a more innovative and scalable solution was urgently needed.

Current Infra

The e-commerce company’s current customer support system relies on a traditional approach, but it’s struggling to keep pace with their growth. Customers can interact with support agents through live chat, but the limited number of agents leads to long wait times during peak periods. Additionally, a static FAQ section attempts to address common questions, but it’s likely not comprehensive enough and lacks the flexibility to adapt to new inquiries or product changes. Perhaps the most significant limitation is the lack of 24/7 support. This restricted operating window leaves customers with no option for assistance outside of business hours, potentially impacting sales and service adoption. Overall, the current infrastructure is simply inefficient and lacks the scalability needed to handle the company’s growing customer base. This creates an inconsistent customer experience and hinders their ability to deliver a high level of satisfaction.

The Challenge

The e-commerce company’s existing customer support system was struggling under the weight of their booming business. Long wait times due to limited agent availability were a constant source of customer frustration. A significant portion of these interactions involved repetitive inquiries about order tracking, product information, and basic troubleshooting, further straining agent resources. Moreover, the lack of 24/7 support left customers with nowhere to turn outside of business hours, potentially impacting sales, and service adoption. Finally, the system’s inability to scale effectively during peak periods, like product launches, could lead to support breakdowns. These challenges combined to create a significant barrier for the company, hindering their ability to deliver a positive customer experience and capitalize on growth opportunities.

The Solution

We developed a custom-built Generative AI (GenAI) chatbot using Amazon Lex, a powerful natural language processing (NLP) service. This innovative solution provided:
Automated Responses and Support: The chatbot could handle a significant portion of customer inquiries, automating responses to common questions and basic troubleshooting.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Demo: We conducted a thorough demo, showcasing the chatbot’s features and functionalities. This ensured the client fully understood the chatbot’s capabilities and its potential impact.
  • Seamless AWS Integration: We successfully implemented the chatbot within the client’s existing AWS environment. This guaranteed smooth operation and efficient interaction with the client’s systems (e.g., order tracking, customer data).
  • Complete Codebase Sharing: We provided the client with the complete codebase of the chatbot. This empowered them to further customize and expand the chatbot’s functionalities as their needs evolve. This level of transparency fosters collaboration and allows the client to take ownership of the solution’s future development.


  • Improved Efficiency: The chatbot streamlines customer support by automating routine inquiries and freeing up human agents for more complex issues.
  • Enhanced Customer Interactions: The chatbot provides 24/7 availability and faster resolution times, leading to a more satisfying customer experience.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The codebase sharing allows the client to modify and expand the chatbot’s capabilities as their needs and customer interactions evolve.
  • Transparency and Collaboration: Sharing the codebase fosters a collaborative environment where the client can actively participate in future development and customization.

Technology Stack:

  • Amazon Lex: This NLP service provided the core foundation for building the chatbot. Lex’s intuitive interface allowed for efficient conversation flow design and integration with other AWS services.
  • Amazon DynamoDB Storage: We leveraged Amazon DynamoDB, a NoSQL database service, to store historical customer interactions and chatbot training data. This data is crucial for the GenAI model to learn and improve its responses over time.
  • AWS Lambda: We utilized AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service, to trigger actions based on user interactions with the chatbot. For instance, Lambda functions could be invoked to update customer records in DynamoDB or integrate with other backend systems based on specific conversation flows.


1. AWS WAF is provided to protect apps and APIs against bots and exploits that consume resources, skew metrics, or cause downtime

2. AWS GuardDuty is deployed for threat detection and it also continuously monitor the infra to detect any kind of malicious activity

3. AWS Standard Shield is also provided to protect from the DDOS attack and safeguard the applications running on the AWS infra

4. Important instances are kept in the private subnet and user access can be provided by using VPN

5. AWS Security Hub is deployed here for security posture management service that automates best practice checks, aggregates alerts and supports automated remediation.

6. To ensure the AWS best practices we have also deployed the AWS Trusted Advisor

7. Access Management and Security of Keys achieved using the KMS and Secret Manager

8. MFA is also implemented to provide an extra layer of authentication


1. A multi-AZ infrastructure has been architected for this customer.

2. Snapshots are being taken properly with a defined frequency and kept within S3, as-per-required retention period.

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