Automobiles | SAP Hosting

Company Profile:

The Client Carnation Auto is an initiative by Mr. Jagdish Khattar, with a vision of developing India’s largest independent multi-brand automobile sales and service network. Carnation has set up a state-of-the-art network of integrated auto solution hubs across the country to enhance the overall experience of owning a car and to optimize the cost of ownership. Carnation provides complete solutions for almost all brands of cars, starting from quick servicing, mechanical repairs, body repairs, accessories, insurance, car exchange and even doorstep service through a chain of workshop on wheels.


Reduce administrative complexity, cost and the time required to manage a SAP application which is mission critical and business and to accommodate business growth without adding IT staff.

Business Challenge:

The client wanted to move from the existing vendor to a more scalable, reliable and cost effect vendor/solution.

The Need:

  • Gain access to a highly skilled and competent workforce capable of performing in a complex IT environment.
  • Increase responsiveness, productivity, and efficiency
  • Maintain a high-availability infrastructure.
  • Acquire the flexibility to increase and decrease resource consumption to reflect changing business conditions.

The Solution:

i2k2 provided SAP infrastructure hosting services and 24×7 Data Center monitoring and management.

Key Points :

  • Production servers located across in Noida DC.
  • Backup server as a separate VM.
  • DB server was scaled down to the actual consumption level hence eliminated over provisioning of resources.
  • Very high-end storage devices (Hitachi Tagmastor/SUN 6540)
  • Dedicated Firewalls using SDN networking.
  • Scalable resource consumption as per load For optimized resource utilization.
  • Monitoring tools were deployed on the infrastructure to report all the events and for proactive actions.
  • Consulted the client to move from partial CapEx to 100 percent OpEx model.

The Results:

  • The Six Sigma based approach of i2k2 made the client reduce his spend on cloud infra by over 300%.
  • Flexible structure to address changing business needs.
  • Utilization of industry-standard best practices.
  • Transparency and regular reporting to keep the client involved.
  • Reduced the needless complexity.
  • Service-level commitment and uncompromised customer service

Business Benefits:

  • 24×7 SLA-based infrastructure monitoring and management support for the complete group.
  • Process standardization and incorporation of ITIL practices.
  • Continuous improvement in service measurement capabilities, including service-level monitoring, reporting and performance.
  • Improvement in turnaround Limes; improved schedule and budget predictability.
  • Rapid deployment of new technologies.
  • Flexibility and scalability of resources.
  • Faster problem identification and resolution mitigated risk of downtime for the business’s most important processes.
  • Reduced operating expense and infrastructure costs.
  • User end resource monitoring.
  • Moved from partial physical infrastructure to cloud infrastructure.
  • Moved to a leaner infra and reduced the resource wastage.
  • Auto Scalability as an option made the infrastructure more agile.
  • Gained access to consulting and analytical services needed to respond to changing business needs.

“i2K2 helped us to streamline the SAP hosting with the strategic technical competence and computing power to provide cutting edge solutions and also reduced the TCO(Total Cost of ownership).i2k2 has proven to a credible and trustable partner and we look forward to strengthen our relationship” – Shashank El Pant – Incharge, IT Carnation Auto.