Beverage Store | Migration

Company Profile:

Nectar Beverages is a 32 year old company which started in 1984 as the packaging company for the Parle products, from 1998 Nectar started bottling for PepsiCo. Nectar Beverages is a part of The Jaipuria Group which has transformed into a corporate giant in India displaying impeccable credentials. Today, it’s a multi-product, multi purpose business conglomerate.

Nectar Beverages Pvt Ltd is the franchisee of the PepsiCo so, it carries the business as prescribed by PepsiCo. It is producing the same products, as its parent company like Pepsi, 7-Up, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon, Slice, Teem and Lehar Evervess Soda in their plant.

The company’s products enjoy 50% of the market share. Since its inception it has grown too many folds, which is the result of the hard working and dedicated employees and associates of the company. More importantly is the consumer and customer’s satisfaction and confidence in our products. This attributes to the fact that the unit has registered more the 45% growth consistently.

Business Challenge:

  • High investment and operation management cost and (i.e. Server cost, Windows Enterprise license cost).
  • No proper connectivity in the physical server due to less internet speed.
  • Low performance of server.
  • Nectar Beverages have their plants at seven location and they were not getting connected.  
  • Less support (no one was able to provide support services).
  • ERP access was slow.

Why i2k2 Networks:

i2k2 Networks offers dedicated servers for large enterprises and high traffic websites, i2k2 have a dedicated team of professionals for Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions. i2k2 solution give the customer complete control with unmatched customization, installation, configuration, flexibility, scalability, and 24/7 comprehensive support. Customer do leverage our expertise and solutions to get the ultimate hosting experience for their website and clients.


  • Clustered environment of ERP server (BD and Web server over cloud for high ERP performance)
  • Migration of their physical infra to i2k2 Networks DC for better cost optimization, agility to business and service support.


  • Nectar Beverages got the ability to manage their ERP and have full-time support (24*7) from i2k2 networks.
  • Optimized IT cost and better performance.
  • ERP access has got better as compared to previous setup.
  • All plants got better connectivity and able to access from any location.