E-Commerce | Migration

Company Profile:

Archies Limited is India’s market leader in the social expression industry with over 60% market share in the organized sector. It has grown from a cards-only company to a complete social expressions company. This Company has grown with the spread of modern culture, increasing urbanization and improving standard of living. Archies has about 2000 outlets and franchisees, called Archies Galleries, spread across 120 cities and 6 countries.

Business Challenge:

Archies online is the online platform through which Archies is able to cater the public demand of the people for any occasion specific gifts and normal gifts. Archies Online was hosted with Microsoft Azure but they were facing issues and challenges in terms of scalability, support and performance. Archies online get big hits during festive season, so to provide a smooth experience to their customers Archies was looking at a solution which can be a complete solution and cover areas like scalability and support with optimized cost.

Why i2k2 Networks:

i2k2 Networks offers dedicated servers for large enterprises and high traffic websites, i2k2 have a dedicated team of professionals for Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions. i2k2 solution give the customer complete control with unmatched customization, installation, configuration, flexibility, scalability, and 24/7 comprehensive support. Customer do leverage our expertise and solutions to get the ultimate hosting experience for their website and clients.


i2k2 Networks worked closely with Archies IT team to understand the requirement and current infra hosted on Azure. After series of meeting i2k2 suggested Archies to move to AWS, Archies was experiencing spikes on occasions and AWS infra offers scalable environment as per requirement, auto scaling, data security and amazing performance. i2k2 helped with the migration of the website.


Archies online are enjoying the solution suggested by i2k2 after analyzing their current requirement and issues faced with current provider. Archies is able to meet its brand name expectation with the customers by providing them a smooth shopping experience online.