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Company Profile:

Carnival entertainment is a part of a diversified corporate group and is a Mumbai based company. With a strong financial backing and a well-established corporate structure, carnival entertainment is one of the fastest growing companies in media and entertainment. Carnival cinemas is among the top three exhibition companies in India after acquiring Anil Ambani’s Big Cinemas. Carnival Group includes hospitality, media, real estate, IT Park, event management & food courts along with multiplexes.

Business Challenge:

Carnival Cinemas were using Google Apps and were looking for more extensive e-mail solution with rich features. The biggest concern for Carnival Cinemas was the data for 1700 plus email ids on google, which was reported to be around 6 TB. Carnival was looking for an enterprise mailing solution but were bit hesitant because of the data loss, security level on new solution and the support services.

Why i2k2 Networks:

i2k2 Networks offers dedicated servers for large enterprises and high traffic websites, i2k2 have a dedicated team of professionals for Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions. i2k2 solution give the customer complete control with unmatched customization, installation, configuration, flexibility, scalability, and 24/7 comprehensive support. Customer do leverage our expertise and solutions to get the ultimate hosting experience for their website and clients.


i2k2 Networks meet the Carnival IT team and the management and after working on their infra suggested Zimbra Network Edition. Integrating 1700 email ids to different servers without data loss was a task but i2k2 Networks professional team really worked hard towards it and made it possible for the client.


All 1700 email ids were migrated successfully from Google to Zimbra Network Edition with ZERO data loss. Carnival Cinemas is enjoying the Zimbra and the rich features which are already built in the solution. Also, the costing of adding new user have went down as Zimbra offers unlimited users. Carnival also enjoys i2k2’s support services.