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Company Profile:

Lava international limited is today one of India’s leading and fastest growing mobile handset companies. It has demonstrated rapid and robust expansion since its inception, with sustained profitability and high sales growth since the very first year of operations. Lava and Xolo are the two product brands that operate under the parent company, Lava International. With “Create Possibilities” as its guiding principle and corporate tagline, Lava is on the path of an ambitious journey to becoming India’s first consumer brand, empowering people around the world with quality innovative products.

Business Challenge:

Lava international had their e-commerce portal called www.lavamobiles.com at some other vendor.  But due to high level of visitors traffic site was very much slow and sometimes it goes down due to very high resource utilization. They wanted the permanent solution where they can run their portal on efficient way. i2k2 offered them managed service for their portal. Mr. Aditya says “Earlier it was very cumbersome process to work on unmanaged service. We can memorize our sleepless night and level of effort to make the application up when traffic was very high”. Lava digital and e-commerce product team was very worried with the regular issue of their e-commerce portal. They were pretty hesitant about the data migration and make site live without any issue.

Why i2k2 Networks:

i2k2 Networks offers dedicated servers for large enterprises and high traffic websites, i2k2 have a dedicated team of professionals for Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions. i2k2 solution give the customer complete control with unmatched customization, installation, configuration, flexibility, scalability, and 24/7 comprehensive support. Customer do leverage our expertise and solutions to get the ultimate hosting experience for their website and clients.


Lava’s e-commerce team was tired to struggling with site down problem. Mr. Aditya and Gaurav recall their sleepless night on peak hours. i2k2 helped them to migrate all the data and application without any interruption and downtime and made their server lives within 48 hours.

“On the day of migration i2k2 hosting team, database team and service delivery manager was always available on call till site went live” says Mr. Aditya. “i2k2 Networks team worked in fine tune from requirement to service delivery. Their 24×7 support always been proactive to solve problem on real time. Hosting team told us every process in advance and their database team tuned the database to improve the performance.  Testing team has done all the testing regarding resource utilization apps performance in different situation.”

Mr. Gaurav says “We had many question in mind at the time of migration and making server live. It’s really amazing experience to interact with i2k2 support team who always taken our call and described clearly each and every process in detail.”At the time of migration “I was on phone call with i2k2 team for more than 2 hours and they updated us each and every thing”


“i2k2 helped us build a scalable architecture so that we are able to provide a really good experience to our users,” Gaurav stated.  “With i2k2’s assistance, we ended up building an infrastructure that grows as our business grows”.

Lava international development team says, our e-commerce portal management was very complex due to its infrastructure. But i2k2 team had gone through the apps and taking all the parts in their consideration migrated and deployed the application without any complexity. Mr. Gaurav and Aditya says we both are so much impressed with the work, we have called the service delivery team to say thanks.

Differentiated Hosting:

i2k2 have well-qualified team of professionals who consider all the facet of client requirement and then suggest and deploy the exact solution. They always work in background at technology side to make their client concentrate on their business.

Initially, we (Lava International) were in touch with many vendors but they were not agree to migrate, test, manage and deploy our site.  It was i2k2 who did all the work before time and made us live without any downtime.