Zimbra Vs Office 365: An Unbiased Comparison

Email communication is crucial to organizational success, no matter whether it’s a small business or large enterprise. Though every email solution in the market has distinct benefits, organizations need to select one that goes well with their business requirements. Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are two solid email solutions with a huge customer base across the globe. They have a user-friendly interface; but vary in a few aspects that you need to know before making the final call. Having said that, the blog post makes a comparison between Zimbra and Office 365 to help you choose the one that meets your needs. Take a look.

Zimbra Vs Office 365 Comparison

Zimbra vs Microsoft Office 365 Comparison

1. Code Customization

Zimbra is an open source software that means organizations can have more control over email operations as there is always a possibility to customize code to suit diverse business requirements. Office 365, on the other hand is a closed source software as only Microsoft is permitted to perform any changes to the code as and when required.

2. Platform or Device Support

Zimbra supports android, iOS and all leading web platforms; however, doesn’t support windows devices as of now. Office 365, on the other hand supports iOS, Windows and leading web platforms, but is only compatible to limited android editions starting from Kitkat 4.4. Having said that, the choice between the two largely depends on the number of business users with each of the devices.

3. Pricing

Zimbra wins the competition when it comes to pricing as users can first go for the trial version called the Open Source edition before proceeding for the paid Network edition. In Office 365, there isn’t a provision of any “freemium account” and users need to pay a minimum monthly subscription fee of $4  from day one to access the gamut of services.

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4. Features

Office 365 includes the Microsoft suite of desktop applications, hosted versions of Microsoft’s server products such as Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync. Zimbra, in addition to email and calendar also offers a host of features such as file sharing, document management, simplified admin controls and an award-winning, AJAX based user interface. On top of that, Zimbra also offers useful features such as cross platform sync, platform search and email sorting, that Office 365 doesn’t.

5. Scalability

Zimbra has a close-perfect score on every aspect of deployment and scalability, whether it’s about file management suite requirements, user policy management, on premise options, cloud readiness and security. Office 365, on the other hand is specifically designed as a cloud solution with decent cloud storage and mailbox sizes.

The Bottom Line

Zimbra and Office 365 are two of the most secure email solutions ever created, and it’s a difficult call to pick one without knowing the intrinsic differences.  All in all, Zimbra and Office 365 are ideal for mid size to large enterprises that seek a collaborative solution to enhance mobility, security, and productivity. Though zimbra can be hosted as an on-premise or cloud solution; Office 365 is more ideal for organizations looking to strengthen their cloud strategy and still transitioning. Whether you require assistance with Zimbra or Office 365, i2k2 Networks has got you covered. For details, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at +91-120-466 3031.