Zimbra – The Next Revolution of e-Mail Industry

Launched in the year 2007, Zimbra email is one of the best corporate email solutions available for companies today. It provides a dedicated email server to their client which helps business professional to use special and secure email solutions for their office work.

Zimbra is available in two versions:

  • The open source which is available for free and provides users a specified amount of space, usage capabilities, limited features etc.
  • The closed source which is usually the Zimbra hosting solution used by the corporate clients have a lot more flexibility , software options , more space etc. But for this they have to pay a per annum purchasing and licensing fee.

Zimbra, based on the Ajax email interface, is one of the fastest dedicated email interfaces that help enterprises to share and store large volume of data in a much faster and secure way. The effective email solution also allows the administrators to modify and manage any kind of web content and the data flow that can take place, hence making it more reliable and safe.

The main advantages of using Zimbra Mail are:

  • It helps to bring in sync the various verticals and departments of a company which makes the overall working style of the company more efficient and smooth.
  • Since, Zimbra is based on a very fast platform; it cuts down time lags and also provides fast share of files.
  • The overall Zimbra email package provides a wide collection of options, features and toolkit which can be helpful for the users.