Zimbra: The Best Collaboration Suite Today

In the competitive business world we live in, many things can be integrated to make various operations work smoothly and more effectively. Keeping this in mind, the Zimbra Collaborative suite was developed and it delivers total quality and offers exceptional performance. It is being favored by many organizations today, and holds many advantages over the mailing systems offered by Google and Microsoft. And, needless to say, it leads the products developed by other organizations by a mile.

Zimba email server is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OSX, so it automatically becomes the preferred choice for users having multiple operating systems. Also, the staggering number of features offered by Zimbra mail are enough to support the requirements of any business. The user can have POP / SMTP, calendaring, document as well as task management, anti-spam & anti-virus, instant messaging (IMAP), integrated Zimbra email server, contacts, sharing and desktop synchronization features.

Zimbra solution is also superior to other software in its class because of its capability to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, Saleforce.com and WebEx applications with itself. This unique feature can be attributed to the open APIs, which help the user in as many ways as possible and make the experience pleasing. Zimbra email server can operate in both online as well as offline modes, and also synchronize with Outlook Exchange to transfer all data to its database. Such features make it the best suite for backend operation requirements of any business.

Many reputed organizations have complete confidence in Zimbra mail, and completely rely on this new age system to carry out day to day operations. Some of these organizations include H & R Block, Bechtel, Skype, Mozilla, O’Reilly Media, Comcast, Stanford University, Premier Hotels & Resorts, Huntsville Hospital and Digium. Clearly, Zimbra solution is the way to go!

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