Zimbra Email Server Hosting for Enhanced Business Efficiency and Productivity

Zimbra Email Server Hosting

Since its initial release 12 years ago, Zimbra has helped more than 500 million customers around the world achieve business efficiency and productivity through its enterprise-level software suite. Business firms have been able to streamline business communication, both inside and outside their organizations, using a reliable Zimbra email server. Now they can store, manage, retrieve, and share files, send instant messages, and schedule group activities anytime and anywhere with complete privacy and security. This post outlines why organizations should capitalize on a Zimbra email hosting solution and give a boost to their business.

Why Zimbra Email Server Hosting?

1. Innovative, Powerful, and Revolutionary

As an open-source email platform built solely for enterprises, Zimbra brings innovative and powerful messaging experience to mobile devices, PCs, and laptops. Businesses can exchange emails, share documents, and collaborate through this cloud-based solution. Zimbra is nothing short of an email revolution.

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2. Smarter Mailbox System

When cloud server customers team up with a Zimbra email hosting company, they pave the path to a smarter mailbox system that changes the way a business communicates. Whether it is communication with business associates, investors, or employees, Zimbra email services from a dependable virtual server brings a sea-change. With a Zimbra email server hosting, you can now reduce time spent searching emails. Users can open multiple emails compose tabs at the same time. They can also benefit from an integrated feature which renders toggling between emails, contacts, and calendar totally unnecessary.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

As an email hosting solution for businesses of all sizes, Zimbra servers in the cloud provide flexibility of the emailing system. Users can scale up or down Zimbra hosting plans as per the changing business requirements. Not only that, they offer users to provision for restoration and backup of critical data, contact management, and real-time synchronization.

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4. Complete Security

When you opt for email hosting services from a dedicated and trustworthy Zimbra mail server, security is never a cause for concern. All its software products are characterized by impregnable security features making email communications safe and secure. Zimbra uses mail access protocols such as IMAP and POP to take care of all security vulnerabilities. This provides a firewall around sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access by anyone.

Closing Remarks

Today, several MNCs, government bodies, educational institutions, and energy companies turn to Zimbra email hosting for their internal and external communication needs. A server host is clearly their top choice when they need speed, reliability, scalability, and transparency in business communications. i2k2 Networks is a web hosting company and global data center in Noida, India. We’re a pioneer in enterprise-class email solutions that are secure and reliable. We understand email solutions like no one else. Open a business email account, get a data storage space as per your requirement, and build a convenient and efficient communication environment with us. Reach us 24x7x365 at +91-120-466 3031 | +91-971-177-4040, request a callback, or email to sales@i2k2.com. We are always happy to help.