Zimbra Collaboration Suite: More Than Your Average Business Email

Corporates exchange ideas, information, and relevant data with their various stakeholders using software suites that include an e-mail server and web client. Among these services, Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is one of the most well-known and widely used systems due to their ease of use, the ability to sync with multiple devices, and low total cost of ownership. Due to these advantages of using Zimbra, over 5,000 corporates have migrated to the system and many others are expected to follow suit. What makes Zimbra so popular and why you should be installing one for your business? The blog attempts answering these questions by enumerating the key business specific features of Zimbra Collaboration Suite software.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Key business features of Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS):

1. Compatible with a Range of Technologies

The collaboration suite is compatible with a range of browsers used by different operating systems. The system also supports a range of mail clients (used to manage your e-mail). The highly compatible and easy to use feature of this collaborative suite promote smooth and hassle-free performance no matter the OS your system is currently using.

2. Manage Your To-do-list

With Zimbra you can create multiple task list for days as well as months and share them with different users in your team. The system also includes a progress chart that helps you keep track of the work. Additionally, you can also change the priority of a task and add notes, tags, pictures, tables and codes to manage work in a better way. Zimbra also gives you the option to  sync these tasks to your Android device to ensure you get updates on the go.

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3. Manage Your Appointments using Calendar

While using Zimbra you can create calendars to manage business, personal, team activities and share with your  team members for better collaboration. You can also create appointments and give your clients the freedom to cancel/postpone a meeting from their e-mail. Additionally, you also have the option to sync your iOS/Android device with the server to get instant updates on the schedules that you create even when you’re away from your workstation.

4. Receive Instant Alerts

Are you worried about not receiving important email notifications in-time and keep on refreshing your mailbox? Relax! With Zimbra by your side you’ll never ever miss out on any notifications again thanks to an embedded feature in the suite that displays instant alerts as soon as the server receives the email. You can also enable additional features that’ll display popups on your desktop every time a new email hits the sever.

5. Streamline Folders using Auto-filtering

One of the most significant feature of Zimbra for corporates is its ability to sort emails using different filters such as invoice, email address, product, sales, and web enquiry. You can use this feature to create separate folders for different departments and share it with respective team members to enable them understand the number and nature of new enquiries as well as the status of the current ones. The feature helps in streamlining work and improves collaboration within teams.

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6. Save Important file in Your Personal Briefcase

The briefcase feature of Zimbra stores files that you need for future as well as current reference, therefore, you can share files/folders from within Zimbra with your team members. The feature helps in saving time as you don’t have to copy paste the link into your email or wait for the file to upload every time you want to share something with your team members. The feature is also a boon for your colleagues who can view/attach a file by accessing the shared folder.


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