You should FOLLOW the Web Site Marketing Tips- Part 3

7.    Images: If you are going to sell something that has a visual representation then its picture/image is a key. You should remember one thing that on-line people can not get a hold of your product so you need to give them some good images so that they can feel confident that it meets their needs.

8.    Style and looks matter but not a lot: Looks of a web site are not really very important as for a few minutes, once people have looked at a web site they will quickly move immediately to ask whether this site is giving them the information they need and they find it quickly or not all the things.

So, Style of your site should be simple which can be easy to read and try to avoid things such as black backgrounds with inverse text, ALL CAPS letters. Check your web site using a color blind test to ensure the visitors with the different types of color-blindness can still read your navigation actually.

9.    URLs impact your web site’s performance: It is important to know the significance of the URL used to access pages on your web site.

Search engines look at every page’s address on your web site and extract key-words from the content of the URL. They will give better keyword rank. It also make it much easier for people those are typing in a URL to access a particular page of your web site.

I hope this article will have good effects for your web success and also will lead to better performance.