You should FOLLOW the Web Site Marketing Tips- Part 2

4.    Web site’s Structure: Your web visitors as well as the search engines consider a web site that is well structured. The search engines break down all web sites into elements based on the structure of the pages. People find the information for which they are looking for, they rarely read through web pages but they scan headings and find the lists to find the detailed sections of interest. So, a well structured site is much better received in both the cases.

Therefore, you need to make headings, use the correct coding tags for them, organize sections of content into groups and use bold and bullied lists to present important points.

5.    Quality Code: Many business owners do not pay attention over the code which they use to create their web site but it is still necessary to know how important it may be. Standard compliant code is easier for the search engines to assimilate that has been checked for errors. It is widely visible in different browsers and across varied platforms.

You make sure that your web designer is writing standard compliant code which is validated for errors. You can also check your own web site using free on-line tools from the World Wide Web Consortium. Always remember a well coded web site perform better.

6.    Accessibility: A site that only speaks to some is not better than a web site that speaks to all. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) offers a list of guidelines to how to create web sites that are accessible to as many people as possible.

There are number of simple ways to ensure your web site is accessible to people with special requirements like simple tests for the sites content and design that ensure your product or service is presented to the maximum people. Be sure that your designer to ensure that your site code and design is following accessibility guidelines.

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