You should FOLLOW the Web Site Marketing Tips- Part 1

In business world, all business men are struggling to manage their web site. They are various things to remember to enhance their business through their website only. But they have no time to do them to get the benefits.

So, today I am providing you some Web site Marketing tips to follow and to grow in this competitive world.

1.    Content is a key:
Now! All the search engines scan a site’s content. So, the more content your site contains, the more the search engines will scan but the visitors should like your content also, this is more important as many people checks the success of a web site by the number of visitors it gets. So, the content of your web site should be relevant and provide informative and interesting information related to your product or service

2.    Links must be relevant (in and out): People link to others to get a higher rank. Old link will not help you much. If you want to link to others or others want to do so then first check whether it is relevant or not.

Search engines looks at who is linking to you and pay attention to how many links you have off your web site on a page. It is good to have relevant links places throughout your web site and link only those pages that are related to the topic.

3.    Keep your website Fresh and current: Add or update content for your web site as having too much content is great but all these are old then your site will not get high priority. Actually, the search engines track this. The more it changes the better your rank in the freshness category.

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