Windows 7 proved as faster than Vista, overtakes Mac OS X

Currently, I am working on Windows 7 and quite satisfied with that as it is hotter and faster than Vista. It is said not only by me but also by other users who have used last year. In 2009, Windows 7 sold well and gave the results that are not only in sheer revenue, but in the OS market share numbers also.

Windows 7 works very well better first few days in retail than Vista did when it launched and now that the system has had a full quarter and change to make an impression, it looks like that the growth is not slowing down.

According to new figures from Net Application, Windows 7 is gaining a top level of market penetration in a faster amount of time than Vista did; after a month, Win7 nailed the 4 percent mark, while Vista was stuck at 0.93 percent. After two months, Vista was barely over 2 percent while Win7 jumped to 5.71 percent after the same amount of time. Still there is no denying even that people are flocking to the system now. The most interesting part is that the overall market share of Windows 7 alone has now surpassed all OS X versions that are being tracked (10.4, 10.5 and 10.6).

So, Windows 7 has now become now more popular than all OS X version. So, live with Windows 7 to live long life.