Why Zimbra has Leaped Ahead of Other Webmail Servers

The field of corporate email servers is buzzing with the name Zimbra mail, as it has emerged as the best in the field. It has several features that users were left wanting for by other webmail, like those powered by Google and Microsoft. Features that make it unique and distinguish it from others in its league are integrated calendar, IMAP (instant messenger) and address book. Zimbra email solutions have become the preferred choice of all organizations, which seek to grow beyond all boundaries, across the world.

The Yahoo! powered Zimbra email has been developed on open source technology, which allows it to be tweaked as per the users’ requirements. It features POP/SMTP and Ajax based webmail server as well as document management and task management tools. But even while providing such high end features, the developers have provided it with total security via anti spam, antivirus and message sniffer. As the popularity of this email solution has increased in time, so has the number of firms that render Zimbra hosting service.

All round the globe, innumerable organizations offer web hosting service pertaining to the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Since it is Ajax powered, it can be run on in-house as well as third party servers. And, since organizations are discovering the power of social networking in the business world, Zimbra mail is provided with open APIs. These allow it to integrate easily with apps of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Saleforce and WebEx, among many others.

The excellent features of Zimbra email solutions are recognized by leading organizations of diverse fields. Some of them include the following:

  • Stanford University
  • UCLA
  • Live Prism
  • Indiatimes
  • Digium
  • Mozilla
  • Skype
  • O’ Reilly Media
  • Bechtel
  • H&R Block
  • Raytheon
  • Huntsville Hospital