Why I shouldn’t setup pages for companies on my personal Facebook account?

Pages for companies are a boon for online marketers but you should think about creating a business account on Facebook instead of thinking about setting up a page on Facebook for your company. The reason is that they are not connected to your personal profile on Facebook and they are free. Not being connected to your personal profile is very important for so many reasons.

First reason is that some people make mistakes and could lead to having your account on Facebook deleted and then what happens to all the Facebook pages you created, you know? All pages go with you to nowhere. When your account gets deleted so do they, since they are tied to your account. It can be very harmful for small and large companies.

The second reason is that if you leave the companies page that you set up for them no longer does business with you. You will always have access to those pages by setting up the page under your personal profile. There is no way to remove the creator or to transfer ownership of a page from being an admin of the page. You are effectively stuck with it. By contacting your sales rep, Facebook may be able to alleviate the situation but it remains to be seen if they can or not.

The third reason is that if you are the owner of the page then you can never post comments to the page. If you are the admin/ owner of a page, try it some time. You can not post anything to the wall without looking like you are speaking for the company.

I think making use of the business accounts on Facebook is the best situation. You can tie a business account to a new email address on gmail when you set up it so that you can easily transfer to another person or company if you stop working somewhere.

I hope these points prove useful to you. All the Best!